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10 Things To Say To A New Mom

new mom

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” – Anonymous

Becoming a mom is the most beautiful feeling in the world! And on this special occasion, all near and dear ones; your friends and family pay visits. But one thing that often people don’t pay much attention to, is to identify what to say to a new mom and which things should not be said at all.

A new mom is more prone to sensitivity and already swimming into the sea of emotions. She has been going through so much at a time, that all she needs is optimistic and happy things to be heard.

In our blog, we have summed up the things which you can say to a new mom to make her feel better.

1. Congratulations, You Have Brought A Beautiful New Life In This World!

Greet a new mom with a smile on your face. Congratulate her for bringing this little angel into the world. Make her feel important and special, as she is truly worthy of it. Trust me, kind words of anyone to a new mom is the best thing that you can do for her! She has carried a little life into her womb for 9 months, gone through the labor, to feel the indescribable joy and emotions which she has got in her arms. So, cherish her, and congratulate her whole-heartedly.

2. How Are You Feeling? Do You Need Anything?

You should always ask whereabouts to the new mom. She probably is in the need of something which she cannot deliberately tell anyone. But one should have known. Maybe she needs a new pair of clothes since she couldn’t fit in the old ones. She might probably need some extra things which are off-list for her baby. Perhaps she needs a rest or some post-natal massage, so you can help her in sorting the things out which probably she couldn’t fetch by herself. Offer her that you can do the needful. Trust me, it feels so good when someone asks for genuine help.

3. I Will Cook For You, Take Some Rest For The Initial Few Days

Oh my God! This is the biggest blessing ever. If you’re living alone, or in a nuclear family, where there’s no one to take care of you post-delivery. Then these words “I will cook for you. You take rest.”. These words are the biggest threat to you, literally! You can offer a new mom the same to make her feel better, giving her some time to heal the labor gashes. As her body has gone through numerous changes, she needs a bit of time to settle down. 

You can help her by sending her meals so that she can take care of herself to be able to get up and back to work soon. This is the time the new mom also needs to be pampered.

4. Let Me Babysit, While You Go And Take A Relaxing Shower

When was the last time you took a relaxing shower after having a newborn? Do you remember? If no, then definitely you should know the happenings which kept you busy and you got no time for yourself. You can offer a new mom to take care of the baby. Assure her that you will feed the baby, change their diaper, and take care of them while she can take a relaxing shower. This will make her happier!

Because literally, a long and relaxing bath is all she needs to take a bit break from her feeding and baby-caring routine. It would be considered her “me time” as well, which she needs badly right now. After roaming around in PJs all day long with messy hair buns, and sleepless nights.

5. They Have Your Eyes/ Lips

Compliment a new mom by telling her that baby’s eyes/ lips resemble her. You know what, she carried her baby 9 months in her womb, and when the baby comes out. People start relating them exactly like their dad most of the time. And mom literally feels like, whyyyyyyyyyyy??!!! Haha, obviously she wants to hear at least about one thing that the baby has got as same of hers. At least you can do this for her! Tell her the similar features that the baby has some of hers. And you can see an instant smile on her face, yeah!

6. You Look Like A Gorgeous And Lovely Mama

Despite having dark circles because of sleepless nights and restless days, slipping in night suit for a day-long, smelling like a bottle of milk! Yet you can compliment her by saying that “You look beautiful.”. And that’s not a lie, since the glow and spark which she has got after becoming a mother, is beyond all these things. Still, she’s beautiful, in fact, more beautiful than before. She doesn’t need makeup or anything to look glamourous or beautiful. It’s her time, a moment of jo and happiness after becoming a mom, which can be seen on her face. It’s mom-glow! 😊

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7. It Will Get Easier

If she’s telling you about her hectic routine, or either you notice hustle and bustle, a rush going on, and mess everywhere since she’s not getting enough time. You can tell her that soon this phase is going to over. And it will get easier with the passage of time. 

The baby will get nights of sound sleep, and the routine is going to be back soon. Actually, she will eventually learn to handle the new and additional things and will become able to incorporate them into a daily routine. Tell her that baby is not going to ask you for a feed or nappy change every two hours. Soon the baby will start solids too, then you can wean off the baby too! 

Baby will eventually grow up and then things would get much easier and manageable for her! All she needs is to relax now and take this phase is temporary.

8. You Can Enjoy Your “Me-Time” While I Take Care Of Your Baby

It must have been a long time since the baby’s birth that a new mom hardly got time to watch her favorite series at least for the first half. So it’s the best time to give her that treat when she’s needed the most! Tell her that you’ll look after the baby while she can relax and watch either her favorite series, listen to the music, go for a walk, go to the spa, or read her favorite book with a cup of hot coffee! Because she needs this little slot of “me-time” the most.

9. You Can Call Or Text Me In The Middle Of The Night If You Feel Like

You can tell her that you’re available if she feels like talking to someone in odd hours too. Being a new mom, she must have been packed with a bundle of an emotional roller-coaster, ups, and downs, highs, and lows… So, it is likely that when she is trying to put her baby asleep or after making a baby asleep. She feels like talking to someone, to say her heart out. Maybe she’s tired or worried about something and she just needs someone to vent out or seek guidance. So, tell her that you are available to her. Even for a fun chat or gossips also!

10. You’re Going Great, You Made The Best Mom For Your Baby!

It is very important to remind her that she is doing great. Because sometimes she may feel that she’s not doing enough, she should have done it little more; but she has already been doing so much out of her capacity! It’s just that she doesn’t realize that. Make her feel good by complimenting and encouraging her. That whatever she is doing is amazing!

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver

importance of mother

Final Words

I can totally relate myself to all these points as I have, myself, go through this phase. So, meet and greet the new mom, compliment her, comfort her, and make her feel good. Talk to her and tell her that she will become a pro in handling all the things at a time, even it seems tough to her right now. After all, a mom is a multi-tasker and all-rounder. And she deserved to be loved and treated in the best possible way. Cheers to all mommies!!

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