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10 Unique Gift Ideas for a New Mom

gift ideas for new mom

We all have almost come to the point when we’re about to visit a new mom (read: 10 Things to Say to a New Mom). And we, particularly, being very selective about what should we buy/ gift to the new mom. Be

Believe me, it used to be difficult and challenging for me too, in the past. To bring or come up with something that a new mom could find useful. But now I have quite figured out and finally, come up with very useful gift ideas for a new mom that she would love to have!

Since as a mom, I would also love to get those gifts 😀

Let’s dig into the unique and useful gift ideas for a new mom.

Spa Gift Basket/ Beauty Basket

After so much hustle of delivering a baby, those sleepless nights, milk-feeding sessions, messy hair-buns… a spa gift basket would be a great choice to gift to a new mom. You can select from a wide range of soothing and relaxing shower gels, aromatic soaps, comfy sponges, mani-pedi sets, and much more.

Similarly, a beauty basket containing soothing and moisturizing lotions, hand-creams, refreshing facial masks, fruity scrubs, soft cotton pads, a set of combs, and brushes would be a great treat!  

Suggestions: Spa Gift Basket with Honey Almond Fragrance, Spa Gift Basket Body and Earth Lavender Scented

However, you can add/subtract the things in the basket as per the choice and liking as well if you want to go for the customized one. Since she deserves this treat as well! A time to relax and feel special as well.

A Professional or HD Video Camera

A new mom always looks for the extra-ordinary and best ways to capture the precious moments of little ones into the frame. A high-definition or professional camera would be an excellent gift she can get! As she would be capturing hundreds of little priceless moments of her little one.

Since this gift could be a little expensive, you can pair-up with your friend, and you guys can bring out something amazing! Since a new mom wishes to save each moment with her newborn to cherish these memories later on when they grow up!

You may check Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W800, Camcorder 1080P Video Camera, and Vanture N1 Pro Mini 1080P Dash Cam.

If you are looking for a good yet affordable one, you can check Andoer Full HD 24MP Digital Cam.

Comfortable Clothing Sets or Sets of PJs

Now, this is the gift that a new mom falls in love with immediately, haha! But seriously, a new mom keeps on running short of comfy suits and PJs, since all her pregnancy time clothes would not appeal as much good to her, and mostly she would prefer to spend the days with new-born in her comfy PJs.

A comfortable and pretty clothing set of T-shirts and trousers, or PJs, would be an amazing gift to her. Since most of the new moms prefer to roam around all day in the most comfortable post-pregnancy wears, she can.

Check out some super soft and comfy variety of Women Pajama Sets. And the best part is that they are super easy on pocket as well. So you can buy a variety of them and pack them beautifully. 

Here are my favorite picks:

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Baby Activity Gears

Oh-my-God! A big yes to the baby activity gears if you’re planning to get one. Trust me, if you’re thinking to gift a baby these activity gears, these would be much more helpful to the mommy!  Moreover, little ones enjoy these gears too! The best choices would be play gyms and play mats, rockers, cradles, carry-cot, and bouncers

And if you’re planning to give them something for a later use, an infant high chair, play and learn activity walkers are truly amazing and useful as well.

Since it will give a new mom some time to relax and she can have a cup of coffee in peace! while seeing her little one busy and relaxing in their own way.

Check out the top picks for Baby and Toddler Toys at Amazon. 

Baby Essentials Gift Box/ Grooming set

Baby bathing essentials are the things that a mom would need from a day one when a baby was born. And these are the really useful things and always in a buy-list of almost every month or so. 

You can choose either a gift set of babies bathing essentials, ranging from cleansing and showering gel, soaps, soft sponges, shower caps, massaging oils and so on.

Also, a baby grooming set alongside would be great. Or you can make a separate gift basket for that. This may include baby manicure set (clipper, filer, and nail scissor), infant comb and brush set, wet wipes, fancy hair bows, etc.

Happy Meals/ Food Deliveries

Who wouldn’t be happy getting prepared meals? Especially if it’s a new mom! 

It’s the best help she can get. You can bring along some prepared meal boxes – ready to eat. This would lessen her worry about preparing food and all. As she would be busy with the newborn, doing all the chores, and would be in a recovery phase.

Alternatively, you can make food delivery to her as well. In either way, that’s a sweet gesture plus a nice treat you can give to a new mom.

Scrapbook/ Baby Record Book

 You can give a beautiful scrapbook to the new mom. In which she can pen down all the record of the little angel(s) she has given birth to. It’s a sweet way to keep the memories. A fancy record-book might contain all the basic information regarding the baby. The born date and time, gender, features, their first activity, their fist walk, their pictures, their favorite things… and so much more.

Similarly, you can design your customized scrapbook for her. Alternatively, you can get one made on order also.


You can ask the new mom if she has got one, if not – Epilators could be a great gift. especially a new mom is unable to get much time for herself. Epilators can somehow fulfill her go-to-salon gap. Braun Braun silk-épil wet & dry epilators series are truly amazing. You can choose the one according to the functions and budget as well.

A Newborn Photoshoot with Mom and Dad

What else could be more exciting than getting a nice photoshoot – all the way dressed up with your spouse and a newborn?

You can either gift her a voucher for a photoshoot or make the arrangements for her for an amazing photoshoot. This is one of the ideal things a mommy can think of. She can then make a beautiful frame or photo album out of it.

A beautiful card with a bouquet

So, here’s the most classic yet evergreen way of wishing a new mom the arrival of a little one. A classic DIY card or ready-made one with flowers would be such a warm and welcoming gift for a new mom. This would make her feel special. At least, I would have love to receive that. Such a nice gesture and a classy gift as well.

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Final Words

Well, these were just a few of the ideas which I have mentioned. But there are lots of options out there for you. You can even come up with something amazing which we haven’t thought of. Like nowadays there’s a trend of gift baskets, a giant tower made of pampers tied with a fancy ribbon or a bow, a delicious cake celebrating baby’s birth, and so on.

If you have any amazing ideas. Do share it with us. Comment in the comment area below or write to us at


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