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2021 Rewind: A Positive Journey to the New Normal


A Little Background – Where It All Started

With the commencement of the past year 2021, we all were hoping that at some point things will get back to the normal that was disturbed from the past year 2020.

As the whole world was under the effect of the pandemic that caused millions of lives to be stranded at home, thousands of lives had been taken, businesses were down, academics were affected, traveling was banned for some countries around the world, and what not!  

Coming Back To The New Normal

The beginning of the year came along with new strategies and planning to direct our lives to the new normal. That is, to live with the current situations by keeping all the necessary precautions and adopting new ways to carry our daily routine tasks.


The schools were continued to provide e-learning/ distance learning to their students. However, there was a phase during which only limited seats were allocated at school so that those students who want to attend school physically, can join.

Making kids sit in front of a laptop for the entire school timings was no less than a hassle. Especially if you have an infant and toddler at home!

Thankfully my daughter was in kindergarten at that time so the timings were reduced and the lessons were appropriate to be digested by the child.

However, I had to sit with her all the time and my job was to narrate each and everything that teacher taught during the class. Because sometimes other students were interrupting, internet connectivity issues and so on.

At that time, I felt like my inner teacher was doing splendidly well!

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Coming towards the new academic term for 2021-2022, the schools were re-opened to function physically and face-to-face learning was started. This brought a wave of joy among students who were just sitting at home and seeing their fellows and friends online.

Students start going to school, along with all precautionary measures and reduced physical interaction. Nonetheless, they were happy to see their friends and be a part of the class physically.

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Public Places

Public parks and places started to reopen at the beginning of 2021. Not to mention the urge and rules for the reduced capacity and health measures.

Children’s play areas were open for kids, parks and other places re-opened and children began to go back to their normal lives. All this was going smoothly until the second wave of that deadly virus came to its peak and things started to shut down.

Not only kids, but we as adults were also sick of it. The whole life seems to be paused and all we were left with was just the gadgets at our home! – A machine life.

Expo 2020 played an important part in the revival since people feel like actually going out and exploring the different aspects and dimensions with the UAE vision for the next coming years. 

All you need is a valid vaccination copy or a negative PCR report, and you’re all set to visit Expo 2020.  

Everyday Household

 Oh yes! The everyday household has affected and shifted to a 360-degree change.

The daily routine, engagements, priorities… everything just changed.

Every morning was like –

‘Come on, get up, it’s time for your class. You go and get fresh; I’m preparing your breakfast. I have turned on the system, just log in to your class and I’m getting you milk over there.’

Ahhhh – I remember when I was a kid how beautiful the world was. I used to get up and get fresh, with a fresh breeze of air, where my mom used to get us ready and my dad drops me off at the school gate. 

The joy of seeing my friends and having playtime during break used to be our daily regime. Those little happiness…!

Everything Became Online

Though there was quite a huge trend for online purchasing over the past few years. But the online marketplace has outgrown drastically over since.

Everything, literally – everything became online and there’s hardly a thing that you think about that’s not accessible to you using the internet.

From grocery to electronics, medicines to makeup, appointment bookings, online consultation with doctors, academics(e-learning), shopping, businesses, office workplace – all become accessible with just a few clicks.

IT industry boosted up and new jobs were created in this domain – as the internet becomes the nucleus of everything.

Positive Aspects

You know what, the positive aspect is that novice people started to learn the use of technology to carry out day-to-day activities or to expand their business.

Here are a few examples:

  • When the markets were closed or were catering limited capacity, the sellers started off selling their products online via Facebook, websites, WhatsApp, and using other social media platforms.
  • The old-school people who were not ready to get out of their shells understood that without going online, they won’t be able to keep up their pace with the competitive online marketplace.
  • Home-based bakers, caterers, tailors, and other craft-oriented persons get a chance to showcase and sell their art and provide services with just a phone call or message away.
  • People started their YouTube and blogging channels to earn money or at least to be creative during these on and off pandemic sessions.
    I have started my Youtube channel too MommyTutors (do check it out)

The Thing That I Hate the Most

Screentime – Yes! No matter how much effort I put in to keep my kids busy, buy new toys and activity books for them. At some point, I have to give up and all my kids want is YouTube!

For my little one – who came into this world during lockdown – it was like on one side my daughter was attending an online class where the teacher made them watch YouTube videos of kids learning. 

And my little one started observing things, eventually, he ended up watching YouTube videos!

Whenever he watches my daughter using a tablet or laptop, he also wants to use his finger and play around with those devices. Well, nonetheless, he has learnt phonic sounds, haha!

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Coming Towards An End of 2021

2021 has been a great year in terms of revival of the business industry and overall lifestyle that has been on halt during 2020. However, coming towards an end has brought itself with more restrictions and closure of few public places for public safety.

We hope that this phase shall pass soon leaving behind a healthy lifestyle, and happy people with free will to go anywhere they want without restrictions.

Wishing you a safe, happy, and prosperous new year. Stay safe, take care.

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