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Back to School 2021- A Quick Essentials Guide

back to school

Despite the pandemic, parents and teachers did a phenomenal job in educating kids through remote learning. As the vaccines are rolling out and people are adapting to the new normal, it’s time for kids to commence their academic year like it was meant to be. In school.

If I talk about my experience. It’s been a tough year. After all, navigating the house chores and ensuring my little one is taking classes properly isn’t an easy feat, especially when you have another toddler at home. I spoke to other moms and they share the same feeling.

Fortunately, my little one likes studying and she’s kind of tech-savvy for her age. So, things went quite smoothly. Now as the schools are open, I’d miss all the fun activities and checking up on her after every minute. However, it’s for the better.

Back To School  – A Feeling of Excitement 

Face-to-face learning is essential for kids. They interact with classmates, make new friends, and can develop interpersonal skills. So, anyway, I went on an online shopping spree to ensure my princess is all set for the new, exciting chapter of her life.

It gave me an idea to create an essential checklist for the mommies out there to make sure everyone’s prepared. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig into it:


School bags are perhaps the most important item in our essential checklist — for the obvious reasons. It bore the weight of study pressure. It’s essential that you do your homework (no pun intended) and picks the right one for your tiny tot. 

When looking for a school bag, you need to keep three things in mind: comfort, durability, and style. Buy a high-quality bag that fits perfectly so your little one can carry it without any trouble. It should be sturdy and have adjustable straps. Don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get a better quality bag that offers a long lifespan.

Typically, the higher the quality, the greater the comfort and durability. But it doesn’t mean that you must spend a fortune on a bag. You can find a range of top-quality bags online. My favorite picks are the Cartoon Car Backpack for Toddler and Unicorn-Kitty Girls Backpack School.

Pick the right style for your little one so they love to wear it. For instance, if your little guy likes Spiderman, he’d love to carry one with the webs and spiderman on it. If your girl loves Frozen like my daughter, consider buying a bag with Elsa’s graphic.

Oh, the nostalgia. I remember when my first grade started. My parents bought me a beautiful barbie bag. I got so excited for my first day at school. I carefully packed all my accessories and stationery and couldn’t wait to show my new bag to my school friends.

You can find an amazing collection of bags on Amazon. Here are my favorite picks:

Lunch box

Are you conscious of your kids’ health and nutrition? It’s best to pack them homemade lunches. Personally, I try to switch things up every day so my little one doesn’t get bored. An example would be a fruits and cheese sandwich or fruit bread and custard (my little one’s fav!).

You must consider that the food you pack will remain in the lunch box for many hours before eating, so make sure you pick the right lunch wear for your kiddo. Ideally, go for the one that has compartments.

What’s my advice for picking the right lunchbox? Well, for starters, make sure it’s made of food-grade safe material. It’s best to go with the one with a stainless-steel surface. I feel it’s more hygienic and keeps the food fresh and hot much longer.

I prefer the lunchboxes that are microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe. It simply makes my life easier. And I almost forgot! it’s important that you get the one that is leakproof (you’ll thank me later, trust me, you will).

You can find lunch boxes and containers in different cartoon and movie characters like Barbie, Cars, Hello Kitty, Dora, Frozen, Sofia, Little Pony, Unicorn, and more. As back-to-school shopping sales are live on Amazon, get one now to enjoy discounted prices.

Here are some of the best ones I found on Amazon:

Water Bottles

Like a lunch box, a water bottle is also an essential item. You don’t want your kid to be inadequately hydrated at school, especially during the daytime when the temps can go really high. So, always check and make sure you pack them a nice water bottle.

If your little one shows resistance in drinking plain water, I’ve got a perfect hack: flavor boost! I add fresh oranges (or apples) to water along with crushed ice for a tasty treat. It’s a great alternative to store-bought juice packs that come with heaps of sugar.

I saw a great tip to teach your little one to remain hydrated. Start drinking a lot of water in front of them. Role modeling the behavior you want to see from your little ones, and they’ll want to follow suit. It really works.

Now, coming back to water bottles. I don’t like the bulgy, heavy water bottles. I liked the Simple Modern Disney Water Bottle and Disney Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna Water Bottle on Amazon. I think both are sitting in my shopping cart and I’m yet to make a choice. Maybe I’ll get both.

I came across some cool blue water bottles for boys and rockets and spaceship ones while searching for the one for my daughter. So, you can also have a look!

Hand sanitizer and masks

Don’t forget that we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, so it’s important that you teach your little one to maintain social distancing, keep their hands clean, and face covered with a mask. When they’re in school, you need to make sure they’re safe and protected.

Pop a couple of cute hand sanitizers in your kid’s bag so they can clean their hands when washing hands with soap and water isn’t an option. I also put mini antibacterial wipes and a tissue packet, just in case.

About the masks, the conventional ones are boring. Adults don’t like them, kids don’t like them, no one does. But they’re essential.

So, what should you do? Bam! Comes with customized masks. Asking kids to keep their masks on all the time is a tough ask. But when it’s a customized mask, say Frozen Mask with Elsa and Anna on it or Cute Little Dinosaur Printed ones.

Just make sure the school permits wearing the customized masks. If they don’t allow graphic-heavy face masks, go for something subtle ye decent color ones in solid either white, pink, or blue.


Now comes the important part that’s often overlooked by parents: Stationary. You must ensure that your little one is ready with all the supplies they need to play, learn, and enjoy in class. Here, I have divided them into two different sections to make your life easier:

Art Supplies: Your kid should have crayons, markers, safety scissors, and glue. The teacher may request that students bring additional art supplies, but these are the basic items that your kid will need for the arts and crafts classes.

Class Supplies: Pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, writing papers, plastic folders, and — of course — notebooks. The school may provide you a list of all the necessary items. But again, these are the essential “must-have” items.

My favorite picks are:

A proactive approach toward child safety

Some kids may require extra assistance to ensure safety at school. A supportive school environment, as well as a proactive approach from parents, is important to make sure that a child can learn and enjoy the time at school while staying safe.

My friend’s kid has asthma and she told me that she must always be proactive to prevent and manage flare-ups. It’s important to work with your doctor to create a written asthma action plan. It goes without saying but make sure the kid always has an inhaler.

Inform the teachers about the condition. If your kid isn’t old enough to take medicine, the teacher will take care of it. Otherwise, they will give your kid permission to take medicine. Also, give them an extra inhaler just in case. However, schools do give us forms to state if any medical condition needs to be addressed.

I spoke to another mommy recently and she told me about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It can affect a kid’s ability to focus and pay attention to classwork. They may also have trouble listening and putting mental effort into challenging tasks.

As a parent, you’d need to ensure the mental well-being of your child. It’s important to talk to the teachers in advance to ensure your kid doesn’t face any undue pressure and get overwhelmed. Good schools always make accommodations for kids that need assistance.

Wrapping it Up!

So, finally, we have made a list, all set to go back to school equipped with the school supplies!

  • School Bag
  • Lunch Box
  • Water Bottle
  • Hand Sanitizer and Masks
  • Stationery

We wish all the students the best of luck for their new academic session and hope that the kids do well in terms of health and academics. Let us know what’s your take on preparations for the new academic session for kids. Though the past year was quite tough for all of us. But let’s welcome this new phase warm-heartedly and positively. Happy ‘Back-to-School’ kiddos!


Disclaimer: We are affiliated with Amazon, so the product you buy through our links won’t cost you any extra, but help us earn a few bucks!

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