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Best tips to deal with a bored toddler at home

boredom in toddlers - how to deal with it?

“Mommy I am bored!” most of us get to hear this phrase from our little one every few minutes! Children are prone to boredom, especially during holidays. It becomes particularly problematic for hyperactive toddlers (trust me I have one myself!) who need to stay occupied and entertained. So, the big question is how do to keep a bored toddler entertained! Well, first take a deep breath, stop fretting over it, and read our top tips to help cope with boredom in toddlers.

But first, let’s look at some of the reasons which I believe could be why toddlers get bored easily!

From where does boredom in toddlers erupt?

Having a bored and irritated kid on your hands is pretty normal and NO it does not mean you’re a lousy mommy but it’s your kid who isn’t able to fully communicate how they feel. Boredom is common among toddlers its natural for them to feel irritated when bored. Here are a few reasons why toddlers are easily bored

Pay attention to me!

One main reason for saying “I’m bored” like a broken record is a way for them to get your attention or keep you engaged in playtime. This behavior is more common among toddlers with work from home parents (courtesy of the current pandemic!) or if you’ve recently had a baby. Welcoming a new sibling for a toddler means “sharing mommy and daddy” which sometimes does not go as planned. It could be one reason behind a bored kid.

I am confused about something!

So you’ve managed to keep your kiddo busy with lets a say a drawing activity but they are facing a tough choice now; should I color the sky red, green, or purple. The result is utter confusion, which their developing brains aren’t able to comprehend leading to indecision and boredom in toddlers.

Why do I have to keep doing this?

So you’ve managed to dive into the expansive world of Google and found an activity to keep your little one busy. But, let’s face it, no one likes repetitive tasks and toddlers are no different leading to our reason number three behind an irritated and bored child.

What if I make a mistake?

Another reason behind a bored toddler could be the fear of making a mistake. Let’s suppose you’ve given your kid an interactive activity of separating big and small items from a pile of toys.

If the giggles and gleaming proud smiles directed towards you stop abruptly followed by a shriek of a frustrated tiny little brain! This is a signal that they are fearful of making a mistake. The size or shape of a particular toy might confuse them and most kids are fearful of mistakes. but their inability to communicate verbally about how they feel leads to a bored and annoyed child…SIGH!

These are only a handful of reasons behind the utter boredom in toddlers but how to deal with it? Well, mommies and daddies, it’s time to focus on how to help your child overcome boredom and save yourself and the kid from a yelling match!

Tips for handling a bored toddler

Let’s face it, being a parent is a full-time job and a long term investment. Dealing with bored children is just one of the many parental duties. Here are my two cents on how to deal with a bored toddler at home!

Don’t question a bored child!

First things first, don’t ask a bored toddler why they’re bored – why, because they won’t be able to speak to you about how they feel. They might be hungry, confused, and angry at something or a million other things. The key is to keep your wits about you and try to figure out what could be the reason behind your bored toddler.

Stay cool as a cucumber

Remember a bored child will most probably cry, scream, and throw a massive tantrum but as a parent, you need to stay as calm as possible. Reacting angrily or rudely to their boredom and irritation will lead to nothing. Instead, take a take breath, try to ignore the screams, and think beyond it (need superhuman strength I know but it’s what parents do!). Count to ten if it helps!

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Find an activity you can do together

One surefire way to deal with a bored toddler at home is to engage them in activities that both of you can part of. Here’s a list of activities for bored toddlers perfect great parent-toddler time!

1.      Make a yummy snack together like a sandwich where they can “help” mommy by assembling a sandwich or spread butter on a toast.

2.      Arts and crafts activities come in handy when it comes to managing boredom in toddlers. Take out the paint kit and indulge in hand printing in different colors. It’s a good way to introduce your little one to the world of colors. Another idea is to collect rocks and paint them in varying colors.

3.      If you have a toddler at home, you might have Play-Doh too, if you don’t it’s about time to get a Play-Doh set. Create simple models together with Play-Doh. It’s also a great way to introduce different shapes to your child. With this interactive activity, teach your little one about different fruits, veggies, animals, and many other things.

4.      Fix old stuff together with your toddler to keep them busy and engaged. Gather old toys, disassemble them, and see how things go from there. It will be a good idea to get mock toy tools for kids for this task.

5.      Go out for a stroll or visit a park near you. But if going out isn’t what you’re after try to watch their favorite show or movie together.

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Final words

Dealing with boredom in toddlers takes patience and resilience. Hopefully, this blog post will assist parents in keeping their little bundle of joy entertained and busy. Nurturing young minds takes time and we as parents have to help kids understand and cope with different emotions.

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