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Cherishing One Successful Year of Mommytutors

mommytutor one year

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live.
~Greg Anderson

It’s almost a year since the birth of mommytutors. Last April 2020, the global pandemic, and various circumstances lead to the creation of this blogging/ educational platform.

How Does It Feel?

Honestly, it feels so good to know that your website has completed one year. For which you have given your days and nights.

And, also the fact that people like and acknowledge your hard work. 

What Brings It To The Reality?

At first, it seems like a dream, that you just sat down, think of something, and then instantly decide to bring that thing into practicality.

After my mother’s demise, last January 2020, I was completely shattered and was kind of hollow from inside. I needed something to divert my mind, to cope with the situation, and get along with life.

I have mentioned back and forth in my blogs that I am highly inspired by my mother. She was the person who rooted the interest and affection towards studies in me.

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So, to sustain that essence I decided to preserve it in the form of an educational website where I can create and put the things as I want to.

So that the maximum number of people can get benefit from the worksheets. And become able to teach their kids at home on their own too.

Does It Serve The Purpose?

So far, Yes! I can see that number of people are downloading the worksheets for their children. And yes, most importantly, I am designing the worksheets the way I want to.

Download Free Worksheets For Preschool Kids

I am putting all the methods and content which I want my daughter to practice. So that other kids can also get those worksheets and practice accordingly.

Since the start, I had started homeschooling my little daughter. So by the time she is now going to Grade 1, I know almost ins and outs and best practices and methods to teach the kids.

Hence, you can find very attractive, kids-friendly, clean, and precise worksheets for kindergarten and preschool kids.

Download Free Worksheets for Kindergarten Kids

Challenges/ Shortcomings I Faced During The Past Year

Getting started with a website might sound easy, but it takes a lot of effort and constant dedication to maintain that integrity.

I was having a toddler and a newborn last year, with whom I had to work.

Therefore, it became hectic for me to update the website on daily basis. I used to write blogs, design worksheets whenever I get time. When the kids get asleep, I did not take a rest. That time was dedicated to the mommytutors.

It was getting difficult for me to manage the website with kids. Producing new blogs every week. Designing new and interactive worksheets. So the frequency of updating the website became low.

But I did not stop working. Because that was my passion and I strongly believe slow and steady wins the race!

It is better to keep going with your work at a slow yet consistent pace rather than just quitting it.

And see! Today my website is up and running successfully while many people are downloading the worksheets which are free to use.  

What’s Next?

My next objective is to create worksheets of a more advanced level. As of now, you can find many preschool and kindergarten stage 1 worksheets.

I will be creating more engaging worksheets for kindergarten level 2 soon. Which will give you a comprehensive portrayal of the learning curve of your little one.

More blogs are on their way including topics of everyday life of a mom/ parent with kids. And also the key points which will help you to gain a better understanding of your kids with their relationship to studies.

How I Am Going To Achieve My Goal?

Challenges are part of a journey. And you have to embrace yourself for going through and getting over them.

Yup, that’s my quote, and that’s what I believe!

My goal is to build a comprehensive website where you can find all the solutions for your kids. Regarding parenting, education, health and so on.

For this, a proper working plan is in progress which I will be executing soon to keep my website updated. Because I am doing all this single-handedly, and with two kids (add online classes too) is being very hectic for me.

I hope soon the kids will get settled and follow a good regime so that I may get time for myself, my website! This is not just only a website, but, my passion!

Thanking Note!

Upon completion of one whole year to the Mommytutors, I would like to thank you all for supporting this website and appreciating my hard work.

Keep sharing my work with your near and dear ones having kids. And please do write me an email if you see any room for improvement. Your suggestions are more than welcome!

Happy Learning With MommyTutors! 🙂

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