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Distance Learning vs In-Campus Learning – Which One Is Better Option?

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Should we send our kids to schools after they re-opens or should we make them stay at home and go for distance learning options? Well, this has become the most concerned question for parents nowadays.

With the increase in the global pandemic of COVID-19, almost most of the educational institutions have been closed down around the globe to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19.  The schools had suspended the in-campus learning for the students in most of the affected countries. However, the distance learning technique was adopted to do the needful.

What’s Next?

As the session for 2019-2020 has come to an end. With the beginning of session 2020-2021 for the children, schools are being re-opened in some of the countries that claim that they have got control over COVID-19 situation in their respective countries and the risk has been reduced in a significant amount. However, parents are still not in favor of sending kids to school especially of kindergarten and primary sections.

In reality, we can see that the precautionary measures have been taken worldwide to reduce the impact of COVID-19. And the best practices have been taken into account to reduce the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, some countries have somehow got good control over the spread of the virus and the number of cases has been reduced with a good ratio. In those countries, the re-opening of schools and re-enforcement of in-campus learning have been offered to continue the studies.

Is All Good To Go?

But till now, as there are no visible results that can ensure the complete safety for kids, despite repeatedly stating and ensuring the health and safety guidelines by the schools. Parents are still not likely to send their kids to school. Surveys have been taking by the educational boards in different countries to determine and identify the potential number of parents who are agreed to send their kids to school, and their respective concerns if the school re-opens.

Alongside this, the option for distance learning has also been offered to the parents who do not wish their child to send to school. This step has been taken so that the students can continue their studies within the given school and at the same pace without any disruption of discontinuity.

So… Which One To Choose?

In-Campus Learning 

There is one group of people who are fine with the precautionary guidelines and measures are taken by the government and which is to be practiced by schools to re-open. So, they are okay to send their kids to school. The majority in this category are the ones whose children and in secondary classes – lower-secondary and upper-secondary. Since the children are grown-ups and mature enough to take care of themselves as much as possible and follow the instructions and guidelines properly.

On the other hand, the kindergarten and primary kids are too young to maintain and practice social distancing and other precautionary measures as well. But there are working people as well who can’t afford to stay at home for the online classes of their kids. Since the nurseries are also closed. So working parents are facing a great problem in this regard. Since their respective jobs are resumed yet the children are at home.

Distance Learning

Now comes the other category; the people who have selected distance learning. I, myself belong to this category. Since my kid is too young to be sent out. A four-year kid couldn’t wear masks even half-day long. Neither the small kids are sensible enough to refrain from touching the surfaces and cleaning their hands frequently. Due to which we can’t take a risk to send children to school, and therefore, in a favor of distance learning till the COVID-19 situation becomes stable and the vaccine is introduced so that there’s no more risking of lives. 

Though online classes for younger children require 100% your attention and time as well. You are bound during the classes and unable to look after the other things at home too. So, it is not more than a hassle for stay at home moms too. But still, the health and safety of kids are more important.

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Now It Comes Down To The Choice

To address the above concerns for parents, schools and education ministry in different countries have issued online survey forms to the parents. To get a proper insight into parents’ concerns about sending their kids back to school and revival of the discontinued in-campus learning.

For the session of 2020-2021, when the new academic year is about to begin and children are about to resume their studies. Parents are yet to be announced whether the educational institutions are giving flexibility to the worried parents who want to opt distance learning for the time being and don’t want their kids to send to school. Since recently the number of more than 92,000 students tested COVID-19 positive upon resumption of school in the US has scared parents globally, and they have changed their minds about sending kids to the campus.

UNESCO has addressed the impact of the global pandemic of COVID-19 in the field of education and you can view the latest specs and figures here at

Final Words

What are your thoughts on this? Will you be sending your kids to the school of the school assures you about the hygiene and safety measures as instructed by the government? Or you prefer distance learning? What are other suggestions or opinions you would like to share? Mention in the comments section below so that we being a parent can have an open channel for discussion and identify do’s and don’ts. Hope this global pandemic comes to an end soon and we all continue to live our lives freely and happily in health and safety!

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