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Easy and Beautiful DIY Wall Decor To Uplift Your Home Aesthetics


It’s been quite a long time since we (me and my daughter) haven’t done any DIY activity. The last one was around a year ago DIY Doll House for my daughter.

Mainly because my little one doesn’t let us spare for a minute to do anything! He wants to grab everything and either he takes it into his mouth since he’s teething, or simply he runs away!

My hallway used to seem to be very dull and plain. Therefore, I thought to give it some fresh look. Since I am a DIY lover, so I started looking for decor accessories that could cover my wide hallway passage yet are budget-friendly and easy to fix into my wall.

Scrolling all the possible online shopping sites, searching and filtering the decorative items. I stick to my all-time favorite thing.. yes… wall stickers!

They’re my all-time favorite since I enjoy applying them to the walls and I love to customize them as per my wish.

Since childhood, I have had a passion for stickers and all that fancy decorative things. I remember I used to have a drawing book where I used to paste all the stickers whether it be Barbie, Aladin, flowers, and so on.

Practically, now as I have switched to the wall stickers. It gives me immense pleasure to arrange the wall stickers and play around with them to give different look to my home.

So I placed an order online of wall stickers (hanging lamp ones). It took hardly a week and there’re delivered. I was so excited to get them.

Now the next step was the orientation, alignment, and decoration. I did not want to just stick them simply onto the wall as they were. I wanted to do something of my own to give it my touch!

I forgot to click the proper picture of the wall stickers pack but let me show you what I have in my gallery. 


Getting Started With DIY Decoration

Material I used

Let’s Get Started

Let’s see step by step:

  1. Take out all the popsicles and count them. It will give u an idea of how many squares you can make out of them.
  2. Take four sticks at a time, place two sticks parallel to each other horizontally and the other two over them parallel vertically, to make a square shape (frame-like structure)
  3. Apply an adhesive glue at the corners and let it sit for about an hour or two till the glue dries out.
  4. Similarly, make a square out of all the popsicles stick you have (you can make as many as you want, as per your wall area)
  5. Now as you are done with all the squares, dried up. Stack them up.

Moving towards the next step

Arrange them in a shape you like. I like the diagonal one. So I arranged them diagonally. Once I am done with the setting, I stick them together with the help of glue and let them sit under air to dry up.

Your fence is ready! (Sorry I forgot to take a pic in hurry!)


Don’t forget to take measurements of the wall area where you are planning to place them. I had my wall area around 50 inches or so I guess (I don’t remember exactly though)

Putting Them Up Together! (Assembly Time)

First Step

Place the fence over the wall and do the marking. Drill the nails into the wall/ use hammer (whatever you want) and fix the fence that you have made.

Second Step

Take out the wall stickers and start sticking them over the wall just below the fence as you like (you can follow the schema already provided).

You can choose to give a wider gap between lamps or change the length of each strand (totally up to you).

I aim to put it like lamps hanging on a fence! That’s what I visualized. (Aren’t they look amazing?!)

Third Step

Once the lamps are stuck on to the wall. Now it’s time for the final step. Leaves!

Take the artificial leaves out of the pack. And stick them at the beginning of the fence. Moving them upside down, giving a zigzag pattern, cover the fence till the end.

 Setting the plants is totally up to you. I ordered 4m long leaves strand. So technically I had 2m for each side.


And yaayyyyyyeee…. We’re done!



What I am planning is to order some yellow fairy lights and place them over the fence along with plants. That will give a mesmerizing look to the whole scene!

Also, I will be either buying or making wall paintings to cover that electric board area! Nevermind, it’s looking great 😉

I shall update soon if I get one. I will post the picture for sure.

Final Words

Now coming towards the end, I would like to say that I always feel good to share the DIY things that I do at home. So that you might try them at your home. Since being mommy or a homemaker, we often enjoy doing these little activities through which we can showcase our talent. And can decorate our home as we like with minimal spending yet giving beautiful aesthetics.

P.S. I forgot to mention the interesting part!

My daughter was like, mama, let’s do DIY…. She helped me in counting the popsicle sticks and arranging them together. Later on when I was sticking the lamps to the wall. She wanted to do that. Upon saying that she can do that later on, let mama do this now. She helped me by holding the sticker sheet and giving me lamps one by one.

A few moments later…

Mama was all standing over the stool to stick the lamps while my daughter was enjoying her favorite cartoon on television! But according to her… I AND MAMA HAVE DONE THE DIY DECORATION 😀

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Hope you enjoyed this blog. Let us know in the comments you found this helpful and also would you like to see similar blog posts in the future. Your feedback is appreciated.

Do try it out and share the picture with us!

Have a good day!

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