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Every Child is Different – Stop Comparing Your Child To Others

comparing your child to others

Yes, it’s true, you read it right! Every child is different, and you shouldn’t be comparing them! 

Every child has its own qualities and traits and it is not acceptable to compare him/ her with other children. But we often forget this – our very own saying! The world and era we live in are top up with the competition, and everyone wants their child to be in the first place.

Why I Am Saying This?

See, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wish the best for your child. Being a parent, you obviously want your child to excel in every field; in every possible way. But what’s wrong here is to compare them with other kids. Sometimes we do it unintentionally when we don’t mean it.

“Look XYZ’s son/ daughter has scored A-one grade, and you’re here with B”

“See ABC’s children are so obedient”

“See how perfectly and quickly that child is doing, you’re doing it all wrong”

“You always make the same mistake, learn something from XYZ kids”

“My child is so weak. Look at that kid, he/ she is so healthy, mine is so weak”

“My child hasn’t spoken clearly at the age of 2. All the other children do.”

Maybe you won’t find most of the above-mentioned examples offensive. But the way you speak to them, your tone; which might sound judgmental at times, shatters your kid’s confidence level.

stop comparing your child

See, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and the “criticism”. You can always encourage your children with what qualities they have. Your child may possess the qualities that others don’t have. God has given everyone some distinctive talent. Not everyone can be an all-rounder, are you? If yes, then it’s good. You might be the lucky person. But we are talking here mainly about kids.

Being said that, there’s always room for improvement for everyone. And you have to invest your time in your kid’s upbringing with good morals and values. Teaching the difference between good and bad in a way that they understand. Pros and cons of everything. Then you can leave it to them to see what they practice.

Well, that’s another debate. You know there’s so much about a child psyche, behavior and actions. We shall discuss it some other time. But let’s stick to the current topic. So yeah, it is not advisable to compare your kids with other ones. By doing this, you don’t only feel bad, but also somehow & somewhere you put pressure on your kids; to be like other ones. But remember, they can’t! since they have their own personality. Instead of comparing, you should work on their grooming.

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So What’s Next?

You’ll notice that as soon as you stop comparing your child to other ones. You will see more positive points and qualities in your kids. It’s good to encourage them to become better every day. Not everyone can be an Albert Einstein, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Shahid Afridi.

Don’t push your children off their limits where you know they can’t manage to survive. Test their limits but not pushing them too harsh that you actually lose own child somewhere in between.

Final Words

We’ll come up with more articles regarding child behavior and actions. If you have any feedback or queries, or any suggestion. You can write to us at

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