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Google Lens – From A Mommy’s Lens

Google Lens

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about a super cool app that I recently discovered, and it turned out to be a game-changer for me. Honestly, I was least bothered to use this app unless my little one came to me with her Arabic homework.

Yes! We are going to know all about Google Lens today. I shall be covering everything from scratch to help you use this powerful app by Google.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is all about what you see and what you can get. It is a set of vision-based computing capabilities or you can say image recognition technology that helps you to get the relevant information about anything that you capture via your phone, your camera.

Developed by Google, this amazing technology has made searching more precise and super-easy. Let’s find out more features of Google Lens. The most helpful feature I shall be discussing later in this blog. Thank me later! 😉

Features of Google Lens

Scan and Translate Text

The most helpful and amazing feature which I like in Google Lens is text scanning and translation.

You can instantly scan the text or translate the text from pictures in a language you want. Translate either a whole text or a section. Likewise, scan anything from anywhere in your desired language and save it for later use. The real-time translation feature is just amazing!

Identify Plants and Animals

Quickly identify the plant or animal that you have just seen in the park or on the streets, get the complete information about it with just a single tap.

Find Your Favorite Picks

Have you seen some catchy outfit or trendy dress at the mall, or a beautiful frame for your room décor? Or some spectacular furniture; but not sure where to find it.  Google Lens is here to save your time and give you the match you’re looking for. All you need is a reference picture; the rest Google will do for you.

Explore Placed Around You

Get all the information about your favorite place and also explore much more than what you just see. Save your time and keep going using this app!

Codes Scanning

Quickly scan the QR codes or barcodes using Google Lens with just one go.

How to Install Google Lens?

For Android Users, go to the Google Play Store and search “Google Lens”.

Download Google Lens for Android Users

To use the Google Lens on iPhone, you need to download the latest version of Google App, only then you can access the Google Lens.

Download Google Lens for iPhone and iPad

How to Use Google Lens?

Let’s get straight on how to use Google Lens.

1. Install the Google Lens app from Google Play Store.

install google lens

2. Open the installed app ‘Lens’ from your phone.

open google lens app

3. Select a photo from a gallery or search for a real-time image.

4. Choose one of the available options below to be applied to the photo.

We shall explore each option along with the results.


Upload the photo that contains text that you want to translate. 
Here I have uploaded the Arabic textbook which I want to translate in English.

You can translate text to and from a number of language options available in Google Lens.


Arabic text
english translation of arabic text


You can highlight and identify the text present in the picture. In this way, the image becomes more readable and you will not miss out any text! (since it gets highlighted, making easier to read)
text search in google lens


You can search the relevant results according to selected visuals from the picture. You will get every information on the basis of your selection. Choose from a wide range of results whatever context you are looking for.
search in google lens
search results in google lens


Select the area from the picture to which you need help. Google lens then will analyze your selected area and show the relevant results in terms of learning and educational links and videos.
search in google lens
search results in google lens


Select the picture that has the clothing or fashion statement which you want to look for. 
Select the particular outfit by adjusting the selection area if the photo has more than one clothing style to look for the specific one.
photo for searching clothing
searching cloths using google lens
shopping results by google lens


Select the picture from the gallery or just capture the real-time image. Google lens will show the results for those places and the places similar to that.
photo for searching places in google lens
searching for places in google lens
search results for places


Here comes the yummilicious mouth-watering part everyone looks for! Simply select the photo of your favorite meal, and get the directions where to find them.
using food picture in google lens
dinning result from google lens

How does Google Lens help in Kids Learning?

Here comes my favorite part, using Google Lens for my kid’s homework.

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Homework Made Easy and Understandable!

Just a week ago, my daughter was having some Arabic assignments to complete. Arabic, not being my native language, I was barely able to understand that, so every time it was like using Google Translator for each line of the sentence.

Then I came to know from my friend that she’s using Google Lens for the homework, I immediately opened Google Photos, saw the lens option there, and got my text translated in less than a minute!

How I Translated the Text into the English Language?

So, there’s a story which I need to translate. What I did is that I just selected that photo, chose the translation from Arabic to English. In fact, I did not chose Arabic, as the source language was detected automatically, and tadaaa…. I got translated text within seconds.

Now I could narrate the story to my daughter and she finally understood what this story was about.

text in arabic
arabic to english translation

Pro- Tip! Step by Step Homework Solution Guide

The functionality of Google Lens is not limited to the text translation. It is indeed a great aid for students of a higher grade.

For example, you got some mathematics homework i.e., an equation to solve. You can simply capture the picture, scan the equation using the lens, and immediately you will get the solution guide step by step along with the helping formulas. How cool is that!

I wish that we had that option back at our school time!

You can either select the downloaded or clicked picture, or you can search in real-time using your camera. See this example.

First two images showing the results for selected photo, other is the video showing real-time search results.

selected question to search
search results
Play Video about equation

How to Use Google Lens Without Installing in Your Phone?

The majority of the Android apps have built-in Google Lens, which you can find on your phone.

Where You Can Find Google Lens in Your Android Phone?

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Select a photo.
  3. Tap on the lens option at the bottom.
  4. You will get a list of all possible actions depending upon the nature of the photo you have selected.
using lens via photos - 1
using lens via photos - 2
using lens via photos - 3

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Final Verdict

There’s no rule of thumb that you need to follow to use Google Lens. You have got a free hand to play around with its features and explore it more and more.

Do share with us which feature of Google Lens turned out to be more useful to you. I’m sure there’s much more to it, but being a parent of a school-going kid, I am loving the features which are related to academics and kids-friendly.

I hope you liked the whole illustration and the step-by-step demonstration of how to use Google Lens for kids’ homework. Whether it be a logical question, or simply the translation of a book page into your understandable language

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