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Home Activities For Kids During Ramadan

Home Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy During Ramadan

Ramadan is the Holy Month of fasting, introspection, prayer, and intense spiritual rejuvenation for Muslim Ummah. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, this Ramadan is set to look much different than it has in previous years as everyone is confined to their homes.

Muslims around the globe are trying their best to keep the liveliness and essence of Ramadan in the same way that it is used to be every year. Still, they are experiencing difficulty managing their schedule as many are working from home, some are working half-days, and so on.

Besides this, Kids are at home!

If you’re a working mom, you have to manage the kids, house chores, and all the family members together. And in between all these responsibilities and management, you have to ensure that you’re helping your kids experience the true essence and blessings of Ramadan.

If the children are grown up, it will be relatively easier for you to teach them the dos and don’ts during Ramadan. But it can be quite tough and challenging when you have toddlers. Regardless, the best way to manage them is to engage them in interactive activities that help them learn and explore new things.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some Ramadan-related activities for kids, which you can make them practice while staying at home to sharpen their skills, keep them busy, and make the most out of this blissful month. Let’s get started!

Decorate the House – Set up a small mosque or prayer area

Decorating the house with your little ones as per Ramadan’s theme. You can create a dedicated prayers area by building a small mosque using cardboard sheets and separators. Decorate that area with lights, wall hangings (moon and stars), and paper lanterns.

Place beautiful prayer rugs and keep the Holy Quran in a DIY stand so that your child would be able to identify that this is the place where I have to offer the religious obligations. And also, it will give them a feeling as if they are in the mosque. Along with this, you will have to teach them the manner and etiquette of Ibadah.

Since everyone has to offer prayer and Taraweeh at their home, decorating and setting up such an environment will leave a good impact on a child and help you to have a blissful feeling of Ramadan as well.

Check out Ramadan Home Decoration Ideas for Kids [read: Pinterest]

Read Ramadan Books With Your Children

You can buy Ramadan books for your children. It’s a great way to teach them about the importance of this holy month. Start from the basic entry-level books, which can easily be read and understood by the children. Later on, you can introduce intermediate-level books to increase their knowledge.

Many Ramadan books come with pictorial representation so that children can comprehend and understand the subject more effectively. Sit with them and make them read the books. They can play a tremendous role in instilling good habits at an early age.

Your children will also learn about the things to do in Ramadan like fasting, reciting Quran, charity, etc. Eventually, your kids will end up learning good deeds, and these days of Ramadan turn out to be productive for them.

Memorizing and Reciting Duas

It’s perhaps one of the best activities to keep your children engaged during Ramadan. Create a list of duas that you want your children to learn during Ramadan. Encourage them to learn new duas by teaching them the importance and benefits of reciting duas every day.

Keep a record of what they learned. You can also make a chart and stick it on the wall. It’ll serve as a reminder for kids to memorize duas. Instead of wasting their time on smartphones, they will learn something that will help them throughout their lives.

Helping Hand in Suhoor and Iftar

If your children are old enough to help you in the kitchen, that’s fantastic! You can use a helping hand when preparing suhoor and iftar. Just make sure you don’t let them near the stove to ensure their safety.

Even if your little ones aren’t mature enough to help you in the kitchen. You can assign them simple activities like placing plates, water glasses, and other accessories on the dining table. Again, keep an eye on your kids to prevent any mishap.

Make a chart and write one good deed learned every day

Design a chart for your kids comprising 30 boxes. Ask them to write down one good deed that they learn each day. It could be anything, for instance, they donated a part of their pocket money to a charity, feed the birds, or even hold the door for someone.

You can sit with your kids and brainstorm together the things they did for the whole day. It’ll create a sense of connectivity and eagerness to learn and come up with new things every day. And that could be called ‘lesson of the day,’ or something like that.

Encourage Kids for Charitable Works

Involving your kids in the charitable works during this Holy month is a great way to teach them empathy. Explain the benefits and importance of charity, especially in the month of Ramadan. I’ll allow them to see life from a broader perspective. Encourage them to continue doing the same throughout the year.

Here are some simple ideas to help them start their philanthropic journey :

  • Set up a small jar at home and ask your kids to donate a certain amount in it for the sake of charity.
  • Ask them to sort the extra clothes, books, and other stuff that they don’t use anymore to give to the needy ones (make sure those items are in a usable condition).
  • Take them along with you when you go to buy the grocery items, fruits, and vegetables for charity. Ask them to give things with their own hands.

It’s important that you also teach your kids about maintaining secrecy when performing good deeds. They need to learn that the charitable work is performed solely for Allah and done best when kept discreet.

Healthy Competition for Kids

You can announce a competition for kids at the beginning of Ramadan. Like whenever your children perform a good deed, they will get the point. Good deeds may include offering prayers on time, reciting duas and The Holy Quran, helping someone, and more.

The parameters must be set according to the child’s age and capability.  You can then announce results for them at the end of Ramadan. Whoever gets the highest points will get a reward. Make sure you buy gifts for all your kids, so others don’t feel left out.

Final Words

These were some of the home activities which I personally practice along with my toddler. If you have other ideas too, do share with us. This will help us all to make the best out of this Holy month along with kids. Anyhow, you’re a mom and I’m sure your’re doing the best in your capacity. No matter the way you’re doing it, you’re doing superb! 🙂 

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Finally, Ramadan Kareem to all! A small token of wish straight from my daughter’s end.

Ramadan Kareem by MommyTutors

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