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How Does White Noise/ Sleeping Sounds Help Babies to Fall Asleep?

white noise/ sleeping sound for babies


Honestly, I did not know about the white noise and sleeping sounds, until I got a cranky baby boy. All I knew was some relaxing sounds which we usually used to listen to our workplace. That was all the relaxing sounds concept for me. And in fact, the waterfall sound used to annoy me until I found “waterfall sound” in baby-sleep apps.

The Purpose of White Noise/ Sleeping Sounds For Babies

The actual purpose of playing white noise or sleeping sounds for babies is that since the white noise has a higher frequency which cancels the effect of all the external noises, it helps babies to sleep faster. Babies do not get interrupted by external noises and become able to sleep in a consistent environment.

How White Noise Helped Me Initially?

So, my baby was extremely colic and had a very interrupted sleep. I struggled a lot with his sleep. And in the end, I got to know about the white noise. Therefore, I thought to give it a try. And luckily it worked for me. I used to give swings to my baby while singing him sleep song. So, turning on white noise helped me in reducing the external noise and put my baby to sleep.

So, whenever I had to put my baby to sleep, I used to turn on white noise near him, and in a few minutes, he used to fall asleep. So, it was a lifesaver for me. Though it did not help me that much for keeping my baby asleep for long hours, my baby used to go back to sleep faster than before if I keep on playing these sounds throughout the night.

Why I Switched to Lullabies?

The problem I was having was that my husband, and my daughter (4.5 years old), had to wake up early in the morning for their school/ office. And playing white noise throughout the night or even for a long time, was not a good idea as their sleep might get interrupted.

Therefore, I swapped white noise with a lullaby’s music, a soothing and relaxing one which is pleasant to ears. And my daughter used to enjoy that music equally along with my little one. In fact, at times she used to play the music so that her baby brother can sleep faster.

Lullabies Sounds and Music

There are different lullabies music and sound over there from which you can choose the one according to your taste (your baby’s taste basically!). It’s totally up to you whether you play sleeping music, sounds, nursery rhymes or wish to choose white noise. But there’s a higher chance that you might like rock-a-bye-baby and other soothing and pleasant sounds(lullabies) more than the white noise. Check out the top 20 lullabies song as of 2020 to make baby fall asleep faster.  

White Noise Machines – Are They Worth Buying? What’s the Alternate?

There are several white noise/ lullabies/ sleeping sound machines out there in a market. And they are high-selling nowadays. A sleeping sound/ white noise machine is an ideal gift if you are planning to gift something to a new-born.

Since many people do not like to invest much in a sleeping sound machine, there are different apps available for free in Google Play Store. So, that you can download them into the cellphone, and use your cellphone to play the sounds.

I feel that apps are much more useful since you can carry your cellphone along with you wherever you go. It’s quite like portable and handy; though sound machines are also small in size. But still, cellphones are my top choice.

How They Sounds Are Super Useful?

White noise/ sleeping sounds are super useful when you want to put your baby to sleep and there are other household noises, loud noise in the house. The white noise cancels or matches the frequency of all the external noises and this the baby can sleep in a peaceful environment.

Also, it is ideal for houses which are near the railway lines, airports, busy traffic roads… and other noisy areas.

How Frequent Should I Use These Sounds

Sleeping sounds/ white noises are aimed to play when you want your baby to fall asleep, mostly at night-time. You can also play the sleeping sounds throughout the night but you should not exceed the limit… it is not recommended that you play white noise 24/7.


There are a few factors that you should keep in mind:

  • White noise/ Sleeping sounds must be played only when you want your baby to fall asleep, otherwise, the purpose of playing white noise is not served
  • You should always start by playing sounds with a low volume and preferably when the baby is sleeping or about to sleep. This will help in setting up a sleeping pattern for your baby
  • You should not exceed the volume of sleeping sounds since it can be harmful to your baby.
    How can I detect that the volume is higher for my baby? Technically according to the studies, the sound should not exceed than 50 dB, but you cannot monitor that if using an app. So, if a sound feels too high to your hearing, then you must consider it as a high sound and lower down the volume.
  • Not every baby likes to sleep with some sound or music. There are chances that the babies might reject it and prefers to get asleep on their own.

When You Should Stop Playing Sounds

I have no idea when I will be quitting playing sleeping sounds(lullabies) to my little one. He is just 4.5 months old. But I am clear about one thing that the day when he starts sleeping on his own, I will stop playing sounds. That too, but, gradually… like what I do now is to play the sound even in day-time when he doesn’t sleep easily. So I will cut down the day time sound first then will cut-off at night time.

Final Words

Playing white noise/ sleeping sounds is a blessing for mothers who have extremely cranky, less-sleepy babies… who struggle a lot with their babies and their sleeping routine. Therefore, I would recommend or you can say in a favor of playing white noise for a baby. Since many people say that why you are playing such sounds to babies, it will arm them, or they will become addicted… So, I will say that don’t lend an ear to such people. It’s only you and your baby. You know better for your baby. Babies will soon wean off these sounds and music once they get a proper sleeping routine.

Till now do what you feel is good for you and your baby, because, in the end, a mother knows it all! If you like our blog, give us a like and share it with your friends & family!

 Happy Parenting! 😊

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