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How To Introduce Shapes To Your Child?

shapes for kids

Being a mommy makes you play the role of a tutor too. When the baby starts growing, you want them to learn new things with each passing day. You tend to try different tips and techniques through which you can achieve your goal.

I, being a mommy of a toddler, also had the same thoughts. Therefore, I opted for different techniques to teach my little one shapes and colors since she was too young; below one year to be precise. And believe me, within a short passage of time, her interest built up and she became able to recognize the shapes and colors so easily.

So, today in my blog I am going to share those techniques with you with the help of which you will be able to teach your kids shapes easily. I will be penning down many ideas among which you can choose whichever you like.

Through Board Games

You can teach your kid shapes using the shapes board games. These board games are easily available in the market, or you can purchase them online too. Since many websites are selling this sort of learning toys for kids nowadays.

The board game offers the physical interaction of kids with shapes. It sharpens their identification and logical skills as well. They become able to see and touch the shapes, and then you make them figure out where the specific shape fits in. Your input is needed in this regard. Later on, they will learn by themselves to identify the shape and fix the particular shape. Regular activity of shapes board games will help your child to learn shapes quickly.

Activity Gears/ Educational Toys


These days activity gears and educational toys are so much in! Almost on every website, you can find a variety of them. These gears help you to play, identify and put the shapes in different ways. Some toys include a hammer too which is used to fix the shapes in.

Some wooden shapes toys are also available, like building blocks. they have come in different colors and contains almost all the basic shapes like circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and oval. I am attaching the pictures for reference. So that you can figure out how these activity gears/ educational toys look like.

Cardboard or Soft Books

shapes for kids

I remember buying cardboard books initially for my kid. Since these books are hard to be torn by a child. Also, these books are colorful; hence they attract the kids too. I used to sit down with her and read the books to her. I used to read each page with her showing the shape as well.

 Soft books are equally good especially if you want something easy-to-go with your kid. Books are a great source of knowledge. So, buy books that have a clear representation of shapes with bigger fonts. It will help the child to grasp things quickly.

Color Songs/ Poems

Now here comes the most favorite part of kids. Watching songs and poems. Every kid loves to watch that! Since digital media has become the biggest source of learning these days. Tablet, smart phones, and smart tv’s are there to do the needful.

You can make your little one watch shape songs and poems. The colorful and attractive poems/ songs catch their attention more quickly. You can often sit and sing along with them. This will develop more interest in your child, and they might try to sing along with them and start to spell the shapes’ name.

Drawing and Coloring


This old-school method never fails! Sit with your child along with paper and pencil/ color/ markers, whatever you have or they like. Start drawing shapes and read alongside. Color the shapes, or offer them to color the shapes, by repetitively saying the shape name.

You can also give them shapes worksheets that they will enjoy for sure. All you need to give them is time and a bit of your attention. I remember I used to keep a small notebook and a pack of crayons in my toddler’s bag which she used to take along everywhere she goes. And even if we were in the car for a long drive and she gets bored, we used to play shapes game. Where I used to draw the shapes and ask her which shape is that?! And then she used to enjoy coloring them. Well yeah, that was fun!

Download shapes and color worksheets by MommyTutors for free.

Using D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) Activities

Now coming towards my most favorite activity, D-I-Y! I used to do it along with my daughter. Because first it is a great use of time, plus we got to learn something productive too!

Coming to the point, you can make some DIY shapes activities for your kids. These may comprise cutting shapes, and using tape to stick them to their correct place. You can use colored papers, card sheets, foam, quilted sheets as well. Whatever is available at your place.

There are many DIY interesting ideas related to shapes learning activities for kids on the internet as well. Just surf the web and come up with interesting ideas, and you are good to go! [Read:Pinterest]

Final Words

We have stated so many different ways that can help your child to learn the shapes. But always remember that every child is different, so as their interests and learning curve as well. You can’t force them to read/ write or learn the things as per your pace or relative to any other child. Give them some space and time, let them enjoy their phase as well. And about shapes, they’ll eventually learn!  Just try the above mentioned techniques and let us know in the comment section below which one you liked the most!

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