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How To Keep Kids Busy During This Quarantine Period?

How to keep kids busy

The current #COVID-19 situation has really hit everyone hard. During this time period, when we are playtime to #stayhome and #staysafe, kids are also affecting. Since daily life activities are put on a halt. Educational institutions are closed, and #socialdistancing is being practiced. During all these happenings, it has become really challenging for mommies to look after the kids and their activities, along with household chores (not to forget distance learning as well).

Being a mother, I can clearly understand the situation. When your husband has to do work from home, and you have to keep your toddler sit in front of the laptop to attend the e-learning class (live sessions). Also, managing their homework, taking care of their activities as well. Because obviously, their daily routine has altered. The school timings, outdoor playtime, outing, visits, parks and malls and above all; they are too young to understand the current scenario.

So today I am sharing some of the tips and ideas that how to keep your kids busy during this #lockdown.

Keep Them Busy With Household Activities

It’s a two-way process in which you can also get some help, kidding! But honestly, involving your kids in household chores can be a good usage of time. In this way, they will also learn how to help and do small chores at home. For example, while doing laundry, ask them to put the clothes on a clothing stand. Or you can ask for their help in folding up the clothes.

They might help in tucking up their toys. You can also announce little treats for them for completing certain chores. Likewise, if you arranging a cupboard, make them by asking them to help you arrange the things.

Do Some DIY Activities With Kids

diy and craft with kids
DIY activity with kids

I don’t know but I always find DIY activities so intimidating. I just love to do DIYs with my kid. Maybe because crafting is my free time hobby.

You can find some of your DIY activities on Pinterest. And usually, those DIYs will not cost you much. In fact, you can find most of the items at your home. Subsequently, you can substitute the items as per the availability. Alternatively, you can create something out of your very own idea.

  • Some useful things you can make are:
  • Pencil/ pen holders out of tissue roll or pringles box, or using popsicle sticks
  • Jewelry box using a rectangular box and gift papers/ wrapping sheets
  • Cosmetic holder using popsicle sticks
  • Beautiful cards out of colored sheets, papers and ribbons
  • Photo frames using cardboard or popsicle sticks
  • Turn carton/ useless box into a toy box

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Board and Activity Games

kids playing scrabble at home

Board games are all-time popular among kids and elders. Especially if you talk about certain games. Like Ludo, Chess, Carrom, Monopoly, Scrabble… are top among them. As far as kids are concerned, they might develop an interest in playing ludo, or if they are bit elder; they can enjoy a monopoly too. As elders can also accompany them in these games.

As for toddlers and infants, you can make them busy with their toys which have some activity involved. Like building blocks, alphabets, numbers, and shapes fixing games, etc.

Help Them Identifying Their Favorite Hobby

kids identifying their hobby

This is the time you can take on your kid’s favorite hobby. They will be more than happy practicing what they like and feel exciting and passionate about. If your child likes reading, read with them and fetch them some reading books.

If your child likes painting, provide him/ her with the available material. Consequently, you can develop their interest in planting, gardening, writing, creating something productive out of scrap material, and so on.

Make Them Learn New Things

kids learning new things

This is the best time you can make your child learn new things. It could be anything; academic-related, some new skills, language, or anything that you have wished your child could learn. You can develop and polish your kid’s writing skills, reading skills, or encourage your kids for the things they are good at. Since a mom knows it all!

Finally! The Most Popular Activity

At last, here comes television, tablet, iPad, laptop and play stations. No matter how badly you want to put restrictions on them. There’s always some cheat time for kids. Of course, the world without the internet is nothing these days. And digital media has played a vital role in everyday life. So technically, you can’t stop kids from using these mediums. But what you can do, is to put a time constraint, any limit on the usage.

Pro Tip: Try To Stay Calm

Haha! This might be the most challenging task for a mom! After being occupied with so many household work and responsibilities, along with kids all the time at home. It is okay for you to lose your control at times. However, in order not to mess up and complicate things for you by losing temper and keeping your volume high. Try to keep your nerves calm. Try to bypass or avoid things that you don’t like. Get some time for yourself also. Because you matter the most! You’re a super mom who is an all-rounder and knows very well how to tackle the things.

Final Words

We all hope that this tough time of COVID-19 shall get over soon. And everyone gets back to their normal everyday routine. Till then, #stayhome #staysafe.

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