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How to Keep Your Child Busy During A Flight

Traveling with a kid is always a challenge for a mother. No matter how good or polite your child is, there are some points where these little angels turn into unstoppable creatures. Well, today I would like to share with you guys my experience of traveling with my toddler.

No matter how much you get prepared, but always be ready for some unexpected happenings. And all you need to handle your child with patience. I would like to share some tips and tricks which actually worked in my case during a flight (not only once but many times).

keeping child busy during flight

Things You Need To Keep In Flight

A Bag Pack: This is the first and most important thing if you’re traveling along with a toddler.
Keep a small bag of his/ her choice of a favorite cartoon character. Or any other small bag that your toddler can also carry by his/ her own (although the chances are very less). 

His/ Her Favorite Snacks: Just keep small packs of snacks that your child likes to eat. Though there’s a wide range of snacks for kids in a plane. But you, being a mother, know very well what your child likes the most.

For example: jelly beans, chocolate sticks, tiny finger snacks and so on. To keep them busy.

His/ Her Favorite Handy Toys: Keep his/ her small handy toys that your child likes to play with the most. Some cubic puzzles, cartoon characters, Disney princesses, superheroes, animals, and so on. Take 1-2 pieces of them and put them in the child’s bag.

Small Coloring Books and Crayons: These are so far the best items that worked for me. My daughter kept on doing coloring and also kept me engaged with her for some time.

Besides that, a small pack of stickers was not a bad choice. As my little one was busy taking off stickers and sticking in her small notepad. Nevertheless, that was a good time pass for at least 15 minutes.

Engaging Activity Worksheets: My daughter loves to do activity books and really enjoys activity sheets as well during the flight. These worksheets are light-weight, versatile, and easy to carry in flights. For example, ABC, 123, color and shapes worksheets.

You can also download the activity sheets for free available on MommyTutors.

His/ Her Favorite Gadget: Well, this is not mandatory, but it helped me a lot. There were times when there was no screen on my flight. And all of sudden my toddler becomes cranky. So, I used to keep her tablet with some pre-installed games and downloaded cartoons (I bought the Lenovo tab which is retina friendly).

These days kids are addicted to cartoons, YouTube, and screen time. So, in case if you don’t want your child to use your cell phone during a flight, better to provide her with a tablet (there are cheaper tabs available for kids also).

Things to Avoid During A Flight

Avoid Messy Edibles: Especially when you’re traveling with a toddler. Try to avoid carrying messy edibles with which your child can create clutter.

Don’t Over-Weight Your Child Bag: Only keep the essentials and basic things for your child’s play. Avoid carrying heavy or unnecessary items.

Don’t Lose Your Temper: If your child is crying, panicking, or troubling you for even no reason. Don’t lose your patience. Try to find out ways to calm down your child.

Bonus Section: Tips

  • Keep a small pack of wipes or tissue papers to avoid the hustle
  • Help your child to get asleep (truly a blessing!)
  • Keep earplugs for your child to avoid earache
  • Don’t give all the things at once. Take out everything one by one. Colors, books, gadgets, snacks, etc.
  • Keep yourself and your child hydrated during a flight (this helps to reduce anxiety)

Bottom Line

There’s no 100% guaranteed way by which you can keep your child full time busy during a flight. After all, a child is a child. He is meant to do unexpected things at any place and at any time. Being a mom is none less than a challenge at every walk of your life.

We suggest you keep try the above-mentioned tricks which worked for me since my child was 2 years old. However, if you have other tips or tricks which you would like to share. Feel free to write to us at

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