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How to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mommy in 2020?

stay at home mommy making money

It’s great if you want to earn some extra income along with the daily mommy schedule. There’s no harm in that. Beside your cooking, feeding, bathing, and cleaning schedule, along with all the time you give to your kid; there’s always a room for you, yourself.

It’s always good to invest your time in something that you like. That gives you pleasure. That could be something creative, innovative, or your hobby. So why not think about turning your hobby or interest into something monitory. Why not turn those skills to grab you some smart and extra income?

So yes! We have listed down the most effective and trending ways in 2020 to earn money being a stay at home mother. These are as follows:

Blogging/ Content Writing


Nowadays, it has become the most popular source of generating income. Especially for a stay at home mother. If you are very good at writing and expressing your thoughts into words, then you’re good enough to go.

You can either start your own blogging website, considering the area of your interest. Or you can do a bit of research and check out the latest and emerging trends for blogging in 2020.

On the other hand, if you’re not into blogging and creating a website for yourself. Get yourself into some content stuff. There are hundreds of content writing jobs available on the Internet on which you get paid on either per word or as per the number of blogs.

For example, if you have got a degree in marketing or business field. You can search for the content writing jobs similar to your field. However, daily there is the number of content jobs that have been posted. So, you can easily search them online as well.

Online Buying/ Selling

If you have got some links and access to the buyers/ seller, and you’re an active communicator and responder. You can start your own online business at home. WhatsApp and Facebook have become the most active sources for online business. You can utilize these platforms to start a buying/ selling business.

Women these days are more into online shopping. Especially the one with kids. They like to order and buy things online. It saves time moreover prevents hustle from going out with kids.

The most popular online buying and selling groups observed by us for 2020 are: Fashion, Clothing, Branding, and Accessories.

It will just cost you an active internet connection and you’re all set to go! You can easily earn extra income by getting into this business.

Turning Your Hobby/ Skills into A Business

This is one of the emerging business in the year 2020. People are efficiently turning their hobbies and skills into a meaningful business.

If you love designing or stitching, you can introduce your own brand. We’re not saying that you should go and get an outlet. But start from your home at the initial level. Pass on your services to your friends and family, make effective use of the internet and social media to enhance your business.

Similarly, if you know the art of crochets, make beautiful items and sell them. Take orders, market your product effectively. If you’re a henna artist, offer your services and make earn some fine bucks.

Similar fields include calligraphy, arts and crafts, and much more. It’s just you have to find a way to encash your talent.

Online Tutoring/ Giving Tuition At Home

online tutor

If you are skilled enough to teach the kids or even students at a higher level. Then you should definitely go for this option.

Online tuition jobs are highly in demand these days as people have become more time savvy. They want to get online tuition so that it could not only save their time but also cut the traveling time, cost and distance. So, you can also look for a similar job, in which you just have to take time to get online, teach, and get paid.

Alternatively, you can also give tuition to your home. The kids that are nearby or those who can easily come to your place can be your great help. This will earn you some extra bucks in exchange for your hour or two.

Check out the our link for the fun and learn literacy worksheets for kids to keep you child busy.

Online/ Offline Data Entry Jobs

data entry

I know you must have seen the online/ offline data entry job recommendations for SAHM every now and then. Almost on all the websites where you look for ways to earn money.

There’s nothing wrong starting off with data entry jobs. In fact, it’s the most convenient job that you can do anytime. The most crucial part is that you have to find a legitimate data entry job. A lot of websites are there which claim to offer you a data entry job. But you’ve to check their credibility first.

 So, if you become successful in finding the right job which is reliable and legitimate. Give yourself a head start. The more you work, the more you can earn. That’s one of the biggest advantages of doing data entry jobs.

Final Words

In this article, we have listed down almost all the popular and most effective ways for SAHM to earn money. And these techniques are rapidly evolving and taking their shape in 2020.

We just hope that if you’re looking for the ways for extra income being a SAHM, this article will surely help you out. If you have more ideas that you would like to share in this regard, feel free to write to us at

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