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How to Manage Kindergarten Kids and Their Homework

kindergarten kids and homework

Are you facing difficulty in making your child do his/ her homework? Especially if your child is in kindergarten… then don’t worry. Today we are going to discuss the same topic and will bring you the best possible tried and tested solutions.

So I am that kind of mother who has always been after my toddler to do the kg homework. In fact, my daughter also loves to do worksheets and other stuff at home, mostly the activity worksheets which I usually download from different educational websites.


But let me tell you, there’s a big difference in making kids do their activity sheets at home, and the work assigned by kindergarten.

In the end, she is a kid! Making her do her preschool and kindergarten homework was not easy at all. Since it depends on the kid’s mood as well. Initially, I tried to put little pressure on her. But soon I realized that putting pressure on her will make her run away from the kindergarten school. And she will start thinking that this kindergarten schooling is such a hassle and burden for her.

So, what I decided, to give her some space. I tried various tricks and techniques, and some of them really worked out for me.

Let me share some of the points which turn out to be super easy for me and my daughter.

kids alphabets homework
  • Whenever she comes back from school, I ask her about her day, what she learned, and what she did the whole day. If she’s in the mood, she tells me the whole story. Then after she freshens up, I ask her whether you want to do your homework now or later. If she’s active and fresh, she agrees, and we get the work done. Else, we let it go!
  • Track your child, whenever he/ she is in a mood or in a flow, just go and sit with them. Take out their workbooks and read along with them and ask what’s this and that. And what they did today in class, and what they are supposed to do now. So they will gradually start to bend and go with the flow. In short, participate with them in their work to build up their interest.

  • Instead of instructing them to do the work in a commanding way. Try to mix with them and come down to their level; with friendliness. Kids are more likely to listen to the ones who speak to them in their tone.

  • Not regularly, but once in a while give them some perks of completing homework on time. Like, you can ask them that if they will complete their homework like a good kid, they will get a treat or gift (or anything they like you can offer that!)

Alternatively, the teacher will give them stars, praise them or etc. By whatever means they are willing to do the homework!

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My Pro Tip!

Well, my pro tip is slightly different!

I play teacher-teacher with my daughter (4.5 years old). In this way, I make her do all her homework and worksheets in a fun way. Like she carries a small bag when coming to the school (any place where you have set up a small table or chair, laptop, or other necessary learning material accessible). Then we pretend and play a teacher-student role turn by turn.

Moreover, I have also bought a small whiteboard for her. On which I write, and she is supposed to copy that into her workbook or so…

We also have a lunch break, a play-time break, and what not! Lol… Alongside this, you have to bear the kids’ tantrums sometimes also…

Final Words

There exists no thumb rule which you can apply to your child so that you just wave a wand and ting -tong, all work has been completed.

Like we always say, remember, every child is different, and So is their physic. Everyone has a different learning curve, grasping skills, picking level, and way of responding. So give them some space and time. However, I am not saying that leave them as per their wish. Because, as a parent, we have to be strict at times for the betterment of our children. Get a hold on your children, but don’t let their confidence shattered by being rude and degrading them in any way, ever!

There would be many parents who will say that my child never troubles me in doing his/ her homework and so on… so that’s great! But being a kid, they can give you a tough time also! So for those who anyhow go through the struggle of making their kids do homework, especially in this lockdown and distance learning tenure. We wish you the best of luck!

You can also share some of the useful tips on how you manage kids’ homework and distance learning to help other parents as well.

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