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How to Teach Vowels to Kids? An Easy Approach

how to teach vowels to kids

In This Blog, We Shall Cover:

When’s The Right Time to Start Teaching Vowels?

If your kid is in kindergarten, it’s a perfect time to get started with vowels. Let us take you to step by step towards teaching vowels to the kindergarten kids.

Starting With Phonic Sounds

The key is to start teaching vowels when your kid knows all the alphabets from A to Z. The two important key elements which are pre-requisite are:

Recognition of Letters

The kid should be able to read and write the alphabet. I suggest you get hands-on both the capital letters and small letter writing.  

You can download alphabet tracing and writing worksheets to get it done.

I am sharing few links from where you can download the free pdf worksheets for kids.

Download Free PDF Alphabets Tracing Worksheets from A -Z, a-z, Aa – Zz for beginners  

Download Free PDF Alphabets Tracing Worksheets from Aa – Zz in lines

Recognition of Sounds

After the recognition of letters, the child should be able to identify the sound of each letter. It is very important since the teaching methodology has been changed and all it comes down to the phonic sounds.

The identification and correct use of phonic sounds help the child to learn and pick up things quickly.

Once you’re done with both the steps (letters and their sounds recognition), you’re all set to start with vowels.

What Are Vowels?

As per the definition, ‘vowel’ is a speech sound that we can say while keeping the vocal tract open.

For the sake of teaching kindergarten kids, you can say that there are five vowels in the English alphabet: a, e, i, o, u.

Short Vowel Sounds

a, e, i, o, u are known as short vowel sounds. The other long vowel sounds you may find in the vowel digraphs.

It’s better to get started with the short vowel sounds first. To get them to memorize vowels, you can use vowel coloring and activity worksheets. In this way, the kids can learn while having fun!

Download Free PDF Vowel Coloring and Activity Worksheets

You may sit with the child and help them in solving the worksheets. Make it a fun activity, like “Can you help me in finding letter a? I can’t find it.”

Make it a fun time learning activity rather than just solving it ‘for the sake of getting it(worksheet) done.’

How to get started with Vowel Words?

The next step is to get started with vowel words. In this regard, CVC Words comes to the rescue.

CVC means Consonant- Vowel- Consonant

Before jumping on to the CVC words, keep two things in mind:

  • Vowels – a, e, i, o, u
  • Consonants – all the letters in the English alphabet except vowels are known as consonants

When you clear this concept to the child, they will be able to recognize vowels and consonants more clearly. This will eventually help in reading and learning CVC words (which are often termed as 3 letter words).

CVC Words – Three Letter Words (3 Letter Words)

CVC words are designed to teach the most basic words to the kids which they can pronounce easily. They are mostly the most commonly used words which are easy to read and write. In which a vowel letter is encompassed by two consonants.

Few examples of CVC words are:


























How To Read CVC Words

Blending by Sound

CVC words can be read by blending the sound of each letter in a word.

For example, the words ‘cat’ can be read by taking the sound of ‘c’ and blending it with the next letter sound ‘a’ ending with the ‘t’ sound.

One of the best ways to teach phonic sounds and words pronunciation is through activity worksheets and kids’ learning videos. I shall be giving references to free vowel activity worksheets and videos later in this blog.

I will suggest you to start with the worksheets with graphics, wince children tend to pay more attention to pictorial representations rather than just a plain text.

Practice Worksheets

Take a print of the worksheet, and sit with your child. Help in reading and writing. Encourage the child so that they can do better.

You can find a variety of CVC practice worksheets in the link given below (thank me later 😉):

Download Free PDF CVC Words / Three Letter Worksheets


Another way is to watch CVC words video with the kids. Rather than just playing video and let the child sit alone and watch, it better is to sit down with them and read along so that the child can develop an interest.

Final Words

I keep saying repeatedly that please try to make learning fun for kids. This has been proven a more effective way of learning.

What I do is I often play guessing games with my daughter in which we have to guess the vowel, or tell any specific vowel word.

There are multiple methods of teaching vowels to kids, few I have shared in my blog. Hope it turns helpful for you guys!

Do let us know in the comments section what else can be added, or how useful you find it.

Till then, Happy learning! 😊

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