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How to Teach Your Child to Do Coloring Within Objects?

coloring within line

When the child starts to grow, parents tend to be more concerned about making them learn new things. And coloring is one of them. When they’re small, you make them recognize colors and eventually providing them with colors and coloring books as you want them to become familiar with colors and coloring activity. But most of the time end up with an abstract pattern of colors all over the page.

As they grow up, you want them to color fine, within the lines, within object boundaries. But they’re small and unable to pick up the things so quickly. So here are some tips which we are going to share that will help you to make your child color within lines/ objects.

kids coloring

Provide them with crayons first

Always try to buy crayons for coloring at the very initial stage. Since they are not harmful to kids. The sharp tip of pencil colors might be dangerous for them. As most of the eye-specialists have said that they get cases of children who have accidentally hit pencil tips in their eyes. So that’s why I keep recommending crayons for beginners. Until they become able to avoid such things. Then they are good to go with pencil colors.

Also, the application of crayon colors is much easier and smoother than the pencil ones. So, the child can easily do the coloring as well.

Make sure about their hand grip – let them be

Handgrip matters a lot when it comes down to the coloring. Small babies do not have that firm pencil grip on their hands. That’s why they are unable to do the color within the objects. Coloring requires eye and hand coordination as well. So, unless and until they are good enough to manage them, the desire results can’t be achieved. But that’s fine…they will learn eventually at taking their own time.

You can help them by holding their hand and then making them color. Show them how to told the pencil, how to make a grip. Help them in drawing and coloring while holding their hand. This helps a lot!

Make bigger shapes/ objects for coloring

Always opt for bigger objects for your little ones for coloring.  Use a larger area for coloring purposes. Children find larger objects easy to color on. Since they have a wide range and coloring area so they can move their hand and color flawlessly, without having confined areas that make them difficult to focus on.

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Start from covering boundaries

I learned this tip from some kindergarten teachers I know. She used to hold kid’s hand and make them color in large objects; covering the corners/ boundaries first. This helps the child in determining the outer area and how to draw the lines between the coloring and non-coloring area.

For example, draw a big carrot, hold your child’s hand and make them color in the boundaries first. When you’re done covering boundaries, then the inner area is all set to be covered. And there’ll be fewer chances for the color to go out of the object’s lines.

Do it yourself first

Children learn what they see – this is a fact that children tend to pick those things quickly which they see themselves, rather than just being instructed.

Sit with your little one along with colors and drawing pages, show them how to hold a pencil and get a perfect grip, how to color within boundaries, and how to blend colors perfectly.    

Draw easy/ everyday objects

One of the key points is to start by drawing everyday objects which they see frequently. This helps your child to easily identify the color, and with the object image in their mind, they’ll be able to pick and color the objects accordingly.

They won’t do perfect coloring for the very first time. But this method has been tried by many instructors

Allow them to pick a color by themselves – no hard and fast rule

Allow your kids to do free-hand coloring at times. Do not restrict or bound them to do the coloring inside the lines/ object boundaries. Let them color freely.  When they’re done, then show them how to do it correctly.

Also, don’t force your child to do a specific color in a certain thing. Like for sure, you want them to color the sun yellow. But it’s also fine if they want to color it with a color of their own choice. Let them play with colors. Let them open up.

I remember, my little one used to love pink color. And even once she colored a tiger all pink in her kindergarten worksheet. Later on, she learned that no matter how much she loves pink color, but that doesn’t mean that everything should be colored pink 😀

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Provide them with different coloring tools

You can provide your little one with paintbrushes, markers, and watercolors to do the needful. By any means, as long as they are taking interest in coloring. Let them enjoy and opt for that specific coloring tool. Maybe your child is enjoying coloring with brushes more.

Do not restrict them with just one specific means of color. Provide them with different coloring tools so that they can enjoy coloring by playing and experimenting with different colors. Unless and until they enjoy the joy of colors, they won’t be able to do coloring nicely.

Make coloring an activity

Don’t enforce coloring as a duty or liability to your kids. Instead, make coloring an activity. Take out some time, play with them, and then take out colors and coloring sheets/ coloring books. Ask them in which object they want to color in. You can bring your kids’ favorite coloring book by choosing the objects/ cartoon characters they like. Build up their interest. Show them by coloring yourself that see, mama has done such a nice color. Why don’t you give it a try?

Don’t stress much about it

I have seen parents who are stressed about the fact that their kids color outside the lines. It’s completely fine! Yes – believe me that’s fine. Kids will eventually learn at their own pace. My little one used to do the same. But soon she learned how to color inside the object and within the lines. It did not happen overnight. It took quite a time, patience, and practice. And now she’s good to go!

Reward them – coloring books as a gift

You can offer them little treats or their favorite coloring book as a gift if they color nicely. Alternatively, you can bring them the books of their choice which will enhance their interest in coloring as well.

Pro Tip: Appreciate them 

Always make a habit to appreciate your kids whatever they do! Even if they’re coloring not perfectly, still appreciate their efforts. This will make them happy and boost their confidence level. That will eventually help them to focus and do things much better. Because always remember that your child’s mental health is more important than anything else. All these academics and coloring activities are secondary, your child’s mental health and happiness should always be your priority. Since we encourage and promote learning with fun, and that’s the way it should be done 😊

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