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Introducing Your Little Ones To The World of Colors

introduction to colors for kids

It’s always a fun to introduce your kids to the new things. And introducing to the colors is an amazing way that excites you as well. Obviously, you try to bring to your kids the most colorful and joyful things that they can enjoy. And if you really want your kids to explore more and more. Then today we are sharing some of really cool ideas that works best and act as a therapy for you and your child. Because we believe that “Learning is fun!

Below are some of the ways which you can try to give your kids more exposure to the coloring world.



Painting is a great activity for kids that allows child to flaunt his/ her thoughts more efficiently using colors. Painting helps to open up your kid and indulge freely into the world of colors, picturing their thoughts with the flow of beautiful colors.

Get your child few skin friendly paint colors and brushes, give them a canvas, cover their clothes and set them free! Kidding, just sit with them and show them how to start with the paint and colors. Once they start enjoying this activity, then you’re surely going to discover an artist within them.



Coloring board games are a great way to bring learn n’ play together. Kids not only enjoying playing board games, but also develop a good understanding of colors for their next move.

A variety of board games are available in market; for all age groups. You can either look for games ranging from infants to the toddlers. Or you can make the one at home. We’ll be sharing some DIY games ideas which are easy to make and cost-effectively.

Coloring Activities Using Crayons


Coloring books are love! Kids can spend hours in coloring if they really get into it. Most of the kids like coloring. Bring them some fine coloring books and a box of colors. Sit with them, make them identify the things, and make them color. Alternatively, you can color for them.

Allowing them free-hand drawing is also a great way to let them play with colors they want.

As for little ones, it is always suggested to buy fruits and vegetables coloring or reading book. Since they see fruits and vegetables in everyday life, so it’s easy to relate to then when it narrows down to make a choice of color.

Check out free downloadable shapes and coloring worksheets available on MommyTutors.

Coloring Rhymes & Songs


Finally coming to the most interactive part which has now become the biggest source of learning for kids nowadays; Coloring Rhymes and Songs. Kids can watch some really amazing color songs. There are a number of color songs available on YouTube. You can make your little ones watch them and song with them together. Enjoy, have some fun time mommies!!

Colorful Building Blocks


Oh yes! Kids love to play with blocks. Building games sharpen the mind of kids and they come up with more amazing and constructive ideas. Kids play with different colored blocks and eventually learn their names. Suppose you ask them, “Baby, bring me red color blocks.”, “Can you tell me which color is this?”. These are the little different ways in which you can really introduce your kids with the colors.

Final Words

We have covered all the basic coloring engaging and learning schemas in our article. However, every child is different, its likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies are different. Nevertheless, we hope these ideas will help you to make color learning with your little one’s fun!

However, if you have more interesting ideas, and want to share with us. Write to us at

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