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What's Our Story?

Let’s unfold the story behind Mommytutors!

Hi, I am Alafia. A mother to a beautiful girl and a naughty toddler. I am a Software and Web Developer by profession, but I have keen interest in creative and web content writing. So I finally turned my hobby into a profession.

Since childhood, my mother used to bring me lots of reading, writing & coloring books and other educational stuff. So naturally, I developed my interest in this area. She was a teacher, and love to invest her valuable time in teaching us new things each day.

Though my professional journey was going awesome. But, after becoming a mom I realized that I should follow my mom’s path. God gifted me with a daughter. I started buying colorful books and engaging toys for my little one once she turned 6 months. And spent most of the time in singing rhymes for her, reading alphabets and numbers, identifying shapes and all. 

That was the game-changer point for me!

So, I decided to form a platform where I can share my tips, tricks, and ideas which almost all moms can relate to. On my website, you will find useful blogs all related to motherhood. I will also be providing interactive and interesting worksheets that can help your child to get used to learning new things in a fun way.

Each day I am bringing up more ideas to add-on to this website like the one I am going to add – Videos and Online Quizzes!

Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs! If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to write to us at

Stay Tuned for Some Amazing Kids Learning & Engaging Activities. 

We’ll appreciate if you share our site with your fellow parents.

about mommytutors - mother and daughter

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