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Most Frequent Questions Working Moms Face

working mom

Being a working mom is not an easy job. Obviously, it’s YOU who’s playing a dual role at the same time. Now there are many reasons why you are choosing to work over staying at home with your kid all the time.

Most Obvious Reasons:

  • You are very passionate about your career. And in your opinion, you’re fine and good to manage with the kid. Either leaving your kid at home either with grandparents or nanny or leaving the kid at daycare.
  • You’re working really hard so that both your spouse and you can get better earning to raise your child and live a contempt life
  • You think that pursuing your career is as equally important as you are to your baby. One should not compromise her career and goals. And eventually, kids will get used to it; your schedule and switching between office and house roles.

working mom

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Since the world has changed, and the number of working mothers is increasing day by day. But unfortunately, working mothers still have to face some questions in everyday life. Though people are getting educated in this regard, that not to question the working mothers. But still, in everyday life, there are some questions which working mothers come across:

  • How do you manage your workplace and home at the same time?
  • Do you think you’re giving enough time to your children?
  • Why you’re so obsessive after your career? Give time to your kids; they need it the most
  • How come you leave your child to a caretaker?
  • How you’re going to teach your values and norms to the children when you’re away from them the whole day?

Ah, and the list goes on… Obviously, you won’t feel like answering these questions every now and then. But I’m sure that very few of them come across these types of questions.

Point To Ponder

The point is, the societies which are bit modernized, understand that it is your life, and you’re free to make decisions. Decisions that either you or you and your spouse have made. And obviously, you love your kids more than anything else and you always think about their betterment in the first place.

So, in that case, you are very unlikely to face these questions. However, we wish that the world would become a perfect place where no mother has to face any of these questions and need to justify herself for being a working mom.

Final Words

In fact, working mothers are equally capable of raising more confident and self-learnt children. So, in the end I would like to say that it’s your life, your family, and your decision. Be confident always and never regret once you have made a decision. Best of luck, and cheers to you mom 😊

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