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Most Helpful Tips and Guide For a New Mom

new mom

Being a new mom, you would surely be getting lots of pieces of advice. And these bits of advice are frequently given by every second person you meet. Be it experienced or not, but one thing for sure, that you’ll end up hearing something about parenting or a baby.

You have already made a successful journey from pregnancy to childbirth. And this is the time that you finally need to focus on the new life that you have brought into this world. Here are some of the useful pieces of advice which are straight from a mommy of two kids! And I’m sure you can surely relate to it and find it equally useful.

Keep Hydrated And Eat Healthily

It’s important for a new mom to stay healthy and nourished. Since your body now needs more energy and it requires good enough consumption of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. So, you need to eat healthy food and get enough proteins so that you won’t have to face any sort of iron or calcium deficiencies. Also, getting calcium and iron-rich food will strengthen your bones and helps you to retain your energy levels. Moreover, keep yourself hydrated too.

Remember, if you’re healthy and strong enough, only then you will be able to take proper care of your child. So, make sure that you take proper care of your diet post-delivery as well.

Take Out Some Time For Yourself

It’s completely okay if you take out some time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it. It is your right to do the things that make you feel better. Taking care of a baby all day long might make you feel exhausted. And you probably want to relax a bit. So, you can go out for a grocery, go for a walk in a nearby park or in a garden area of your house to breathe in the fresh air. Likewise, you can give yourself a relaxing spa, listen to music, dress-up nicely, do a little make-up, watch tv, or can have a cup of coffee!

Believe me, you will feel so much better!   — don’t forget to have a little me-time

It Is Okay To Ignore Or Bypass Things

Remember, learn to say “No”. Or it is better to ignore or bypass the things which you don’t like or couldn’t find suitable for you and your baby. Sometimes it may happen that you don’t feel like doing something which someone has told you to do or some advice to follow.

The same goes if you are being told to practice or follow some specific set of instructions and if they don’t seem important to follow. And you chose to skip them and let them go, that’s fine too. Don’t stress out yourself for the things that don’t seem right to you.

Listen To Your Own Instincts

Mother’s instinct is always right! Before jumping into something or trying something new which someone has recommended; don’t forget to listen to your instinct as well. It is good to take advice from the experienced persons, but at last, you’re the mother! You know your baby’s routine, habit, food intake, reaction to specific things, immunity level, and things that suit them well. Therefore, in any circumstances, listen to your own motherly instincts, they will guide you better what’s suitable for your baby.

Understand That Everything Can’t Be Perfect

It may happen that things can not go the way as they were planned. So, you need to understand that it is completely alright. Trust me, there is no ideal condition when there’s a newborn! There is no as such a fixed schedule or any measurable unit

You Will Learn Over The Time

In between those sleepless nights to the feeding and diaper-changing mornings. You may make mistakes. You are a new mom, and you’re not expected to excel at the very first attempt. It is okay if you take a bit of time to figure out whether a baby is crying because it needs a feed or it is feeling colic. Also, for a first time or new mom, you may feel diaper-changing, baby bathing, clothes changing bit time consuming, and tiring job as well. But soon you’ll get used to it, and you’ll get command over it. And literally these all things seem a piece of cake to you.

This Is Just A Phase – This Too Shall Pass

Ah! We understand that you’re tired and exhausted. The baby isn’t sleeping throughout the night. You’re tired of changing diapers. Baby is crying and giving you a tough time. Enough swaddling and feeding. You’re not getting enough time to sleep. Your laundry bag is full. You are not getting enough time to do the things you wish to do. You have to take a long break from work.

In between all these things, you need to understand that it’s just a phase. And soon it’s going to be over. Baby will eventually grow up and soon will be diaper free. Soon baby’s sleeping routine will be formed. Soon the baby is going to start solids and you’ll wean them off too. And soon the baby’s routine is going to set, and the sleepless nights will be over soon.

So, just enjoy this phase with your little one. And instead of getting frustrated or irritated by this hectic and abrupt schedule, think of this moment as precious one with your little being. Positive thinking and an optimistic approach will help you to go through the difficult phases of parenting as well.

Make Memories

No sooner you will see your baby growing up into a toddler and then eventually they’ll stop nagging you again and again unlike as they do now. So, it’s the best time to make memories. Take lots of pictures of every special moment. Try to capture every little moment so that you can cherish those moments later on. Celebrate special occasions, take out some time, and do the crafts to capture baby’s first walk, record baby’s sound, capture their playful activities, and whatever you feel like capturing!

You can make/ create memories by your own innovative and creative ideas as well. And believe me, your kids are going to love the fact that you have kept so many beautiful memories of their childhood. At least, I do!

Connect To Mommies Out There

The best thing that you could possibly do is to connect the mommies out there. When you are a new mom; there are times when you want to share the things related to you or baby. About the physical and emotional changes that you go through, you might have questions related to the baby’s well-being and other common issues that are new to you.

Therefore, connecting with the mommy’s community will help you to figure out things more easily. Whether it’s the best buy for infants, tips on nursing, managing baby’s sleep routine, or anything else. You may find mommies out there with kids having similar queries as yours, or probably they have got solutions for this. Either way is useful to you, and even you can make friends over there so that you people can have some chilling time too!

Baby’s Can Be Cranky – Don’t Panic

Babies are made to make you panic, lol!! It’s quite natural that most of the new parents easily get panicked or get stressed when things go off way. For example, if a baby is pooping every two hours, you might think why so frequently? If the baby is puking after a feed, or not taking burp, you might feel worried. But, that’s completely okay, for babies these things re quite normal. Also, it’s okay for babies to have rashes, and for that you can apply nappy cream.

P.S Sometimes babies can get cranky and become extremely touchy for no reason at all. Just because they like to see their parents panicking, haha!

Take Out Time For Your Partner

Apart from all your engagements towards baby, don’t forget to take out time for your partner. Being a mommy doesn’t mean that you are supposed to break ties or neglect other close relations. Especially your partner; since he has waited enough for you and given you space to take care of baby first. You should also dress nicely, and become presentable to him to make him feel good. Likewise, you’ll also feel loved and lively at the same time. It will work best as a “me time” which gives you a break from “mom-routine”.

You can plan a dinner or make something special for him, sort of date at home if you can’t go outside. You can also plan a movie night together after putting your baby asleep. Rest you know better how to make your partner happy!

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Final Words

Regardless of all the happenings, in between those sleepless nights and messy hair-buns; you’re doing an amazing job! You’re a super mom. Never underestimate yourself or ever think you’re doing less. Motherhood is amazing and you’re going to cherish these precious moments later on.

So, new mommies! We wish you the best of luck. Always follow your instincts and do whatever you consider is the best of your baby! And keep visiting for the latest blogs.

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