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Mother – The Most Precious Creation of God

Mother - The gift of God

Life is colorful when you have people around you who love you, unconditionally. Life seems enjoyable and lively when you have the love and support of your loved ones. Especially when talking about your loved ones, near and dear ones, there’s always that one person that instantly hits on your mind… and yes, that’s your Mother.

I believe that God has summed up all symbols of love, beauty, tolerance, power, kindness, selflessness, and devotion into one of his most beautiful creations – and that is a Mother.

Imagine when we were young, a free soul. Unaware of all the happenings in the world. There was always that mom’s shelter we had looked for. And for us, that shelter was the solution for all of our problems (though those were minor things, we considered them big enough).

The Moment Of Realization

I guess we always live in a fantasy world – at least I did; our parents will always stay with us—literally, an ideal situation, which is not practically possible. We still prefer to live in that fantasy world because it gives us happiness a satisfaction, and we never want to open our eyes enough to see the reality coming.

But unfortunately,  I had to open my eyes; unwillingly. I never knew that I would not have that one more cup of tea with my mother on my next visit to her.

Life was completely changed when I got married, had kids then. In all this rush, however, I always felt the constant presence and need of my mother.

I could have called her anytime to discuss things. From asking her all those delicious recipes which she used to do online shopping, she was always my go-to person.

Mother’s Personna

My mother was not just a homemaker; she was my best friend, my teacher, my advisor, my counselor, my strength, courage… a person who had always filled my life with positivity.

I remember she has always told me to look at the better side of life. I used to say a lot that mom, how could you be able to do that anyway? Like how? As a human being, it is natural to think of the negative happenings and uncertainties in life.

But now, I believe she did not want me to see the ugly picture of the world and keep us safe and sound under her warmth.

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The Person Behind My Success

My mother was always passionate about studies. From her childhood, she was a fast learner, the person who used to still excels in her academia and active in co-curricular activities.

So, fortunately, I got her genes!

She had always supported me throughout my academic tenure. And the best part was that whenever I succeeded in my academics, she was the person who’s happier than me. To see that glimpse of spark and happiness on her face, I always got encouraged to do my best!

Mommytutors Encapsulates Much More Than You Think

For me, mommytutors wasn’t something that just happened over-night! It was a long process that evolved.

When we used to have our summer break during school-life, we enjoyed our vacations at grandma’s place. And guess which stuff I used to take along with me? Well, my bag was filled with:

  • Mind games
  • Story Books
  • Sketch pad
  • Watercolor books
  • Color pencils
  • Coloring books
  • Activity books
  • Cross-words puzzle book

Thus, mainly the stuff was related to academics or the games that were eventually associated with cognitive thinking.

My Childhood Passion – Becoming a Teacher

Whenever my teacher wrote an essay on My Aim in Life, I always used to swap the word “doctor” with “teacher” and change the content accordingly.

Moreover, I gathered all the children in the neighborhood and asked them to play teacher-teacher. Where I was the teacher, and the rest was supposed to be my students. So, yeah, a part of me somewhere wishes the same till I did my graduation.

I had no idea that after having my daughter in my life, I would get a chance to practice my passion through some other medium in this way. I wanted to create stuff for kids the same as I would like my daughter to learn, read, and write.

Mommytutors Proved to Be my Breakthrough

Later in the past year, 2020, I lost my beloved mom. And to overcome that dilemma of void space that was pinning me inside. I decided to keep myself busy with something through which I could relate to my mother in a way or another. Therefore, instantly I decided to form mommytutors dedicated to my mother, and it is a tribute to her.

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Final Words

I started this blog on my mother’s birthday (31st December), and thanks to my little kids, who did not let me finish this blog on the same day. Therefore, posting it now to share the key points I have learned from my mother in raising children. These are:

  • Always give confidence to your children, be their best friends
  • Always encourage your children towards learning new things
  • They will learn from the mistakes; allow them to make some!
  • Starting five years of a child are like building blocks, and the impact will go a long way (life long impact)
  • Introduce them to academics and learning material in a fun way, instead of enforcing the conventional methods
  • Every child is different; let your child explore what they like. They’ll do best in their respective domain
  • Give equal respect to your kid’s opinion as well

The list is long; we shall discuss it sometime later. As for now, thank you for supporting mommytutors and encouraging me to come up with better things each passing day.

You’ll be reading some amazing blogs, tips, and techniques related to children’s upbringing and education straight from real-life experiences. Mention in the comment box the topics you’re interested in. And we’ll try our level best to cater to your request.

Happy Reading!

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