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Motherhood – A Name of Mixed Feelings

Motherhood – Isn’t as easy and simple as it seems. This term encapsulates so much in it. First of all, I may count it as one of the biggest blessings a woman can ever have.

From a mother’s point of view, it’s like you have got a new life to live on. All your wishes, desires, and priorities change in a pleasant manner and you start putting your little one before everything.

 The feeling of motherhood can be felt as soon as you conceive. Later on, it develops gradually with the passage of time. All your struggles and the entire journey of bringing a little one into this world; gives you immense pleasure when you actually have your heart out there in some other little tiny human being.

Unlike the name, motherhood is really challenging as well. At one point, you have to take good care of yourself along with the baby. And from here your real journey starts. As soon as the baby starts growing, you have to take care of each and every tiny little thing.

What should I give my baby to eat? How soon I can start solids? How to keep my baby warm in winters? Is my baby sleeping well throughout the night? And the list goes on…

All the aspects, from food to sleep, clothing to cleaning, hygiene, mannerism, behaviorism, activities…. Mother is the one who is considered to be the sole responsible person and expected to manage each and everything like a super-woman. And no doubt, she is the super-woman!

Here I have listed out a few terms which in my opinion can perfectly describe what motherhood meant to me:

A Sense of Connectivity

You begin to feel an unusual connection with your little one. Like you have known your baby for a long time. You both share a strong bond which is hard to express to anyone, yet only you know how special it is.

The Feeling Of Being Loved Unconditionally

At this point in life, you finally understand that these little ones are the beings that love you unconditionally. Regardless of anything, literally anything! They love you to the moon and back. Without caring about your attire, your looks, your belongings… All they see is your pure heart and your love towards them.

New Purpose Of Life

I believe when you become a mother, your life gets totally changed. You get some new direction, a new way, a new perspective for your life.
Initially, you were living just for yourself. Your time was ALL YOURS. But now it’s no more ONLY YOURS. You start working more productively for your baby. All your efforts, decisions, choices now rely on the betterment of your baby.

Sense Of Responsibility

You begin to act more maturely. Now you cannot roam around like a layman or lazy person anymore. Because you have your little one to take care of. His/ her feeding time sleeping time, bathing time, etc., keeps you on track. In short, makes you more responsible.

Selfless Devotion

A mother is always a selfless person for her child. You put yourself into so much of Regardless, taking care of your child, cook, clean, and play with them. All you do is selfless, without even thinking for a second what you will get in return. This is because that’s the way a Motherhood is all about! 😊

Redefining the Priorities

Your priorities start changing slowly and gradually, and sometimes drastically! Now you put your child in the very first place. Whether you have a plan to go outside, you first think about your baby. That will your baby be fine and comfortable going there? Is that place safe? What things do you need to keep for your baby to avoid unlikely situations?
Most important, whenever you go shopping, you end up buying so many unplanned things for your baby than for yourself! Haha, that’s what I do.

Pro Tip: Remember Yourself

In all the above discussion, we talk about motherhood and how your life changes after becoming a mother. But always remember, You matter the most. It’s true that motherhood is challenging and requires our 100% devotion. But don’t forget yourself, who you are, your personality, your vision, your goals, your personal life. Be nicely dressed with a smile on your face, give yourself some spa time, cook your favorite food, watch a movie with your partner, do your leisure activity or whatever you want!

A happy child always sees a happy mother!

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