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Mother’s Day 2020 – My World Has Changed Now

mothers day - Mother I miss you

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated all across the world. Most of us find it the sweetest way to give gifts and treats to our mothers. Also, to bring up with something extra-ordinary for our dearest moms. It could be arranging a candle-light dinner, gifting her somethings special, buying her favorite stuff, or baking a cake for her!

mothers day card

Today I want to write my heart out on this special occasion of Mother’s Day. I have very sweet memories of my mom, who left me this year. I remember making Mother’s Day card for her since I was 8 or 9 years of age. Initially, I used to make it on plain paper with some fancy drawing which I could make, and some unstructured grammatical sentences (lol, obviously, I was a kid)!  

With each coming year, I tried to bring up with something new. Like some different from the previous year. I used to take my father to the market to buy something for my mom (secretly from mom). Then packing the gifts carefully, where my mom couldn’t see. And desperately waiting for the Mother’s Day to come! Later on, I counted in my younger brother too, in my planning and all!

And The Celebration Continued…

Years keep on passing and I was done with college and university. But there was this thing constant in my list. To wait for Mother’s Day in order to get a chance to write her a letter that how much I love her. Now, most of the people say that to show you love to your mother, there’s no specific day. You can show your love to her, bring her gifts each day. Fine, that’s true. But what’s the harm if you just bring her a rose, or make her feel special on a certain day! So, I followed this regime.

mothers day flower

Maybe the reason behind this, is that I am not very expressive. Rather I try to show my expressions through cards and gifts, or in a quite passive way. That’s why I have always been happy to get a chance to outburst my expressions on Mother’s Day. Obviously, she was the one who worked selflessly 24/7 just for us! She was the calmest, patient, optimistic, soft-spoken, and beautiful woman I have ever seen.

All My Gratitude For Her…

My whole journey of academic life was very successful, all because of her (my dad is supportive also, will discuss him some other time). She used to give me a great share of time since I was too small. Making me read and write, playing crosswords and puzzles games. Story-telling, when playing with dolls and kitchen sets… That gave me the sense, a perspective to see the things. I used to have a whole shelf full of stationery items because it was her passion too. Moreover, she always appreciated my ideas whenever I used to bring something new to her.

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She was the one who made me confident enough to stand out among the crowd. Never scolded or used a harsh tone on me. I still remember the day of my ‘Graduation Ceremony’, when I was about to receive a Gold Medal and The Honorary Degree. She was extremely happy as if she was getting the one. I could see the tears of joy in my parent’s eyes that day, and that was the biggest gift I could have given to them.

And The Time Keep On Ticking Fast…

Time passed away, I moved abroad after my marriage. I got busy with a kid and continued my freelancing. Meanwhile, I used to travel back and forth to my home country, and we used to enjoy some time together. But most of my time was wasted in gatherings, shopping etc. I am saying ‘wasted’, because if I would have known that she’s going to leave me that soon. I would never have spared my time in the least-important things!

I love you mom - Mothers day

My Beautiful Flower Changed Its Place… 

Years passed away, till the last year, I used to wish her Happy Mother’s Day. However, I will keep on wishing her, though she will be receiving my wishes in Paradise, but no worries. I will keep up my mark, till I am alive. I Love You, Mom! It seems that someone has snatched away the luminosity from my life. But I am here, your brave daughter as always will keep you making proud, always… 

I know you’d be blooming among the most beautiful flowers in Paradise, here’s wishing you…

Happy Mother’s Day 

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