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Parenting Tip # 101 – Take Out A Time For The Things You Love To Do

parenting tip 101 - interest in painting

Well, after 2.5 months of tiring days and sleepless nights with my newborn. I finally accepted the fact that things are not going to change sooner, so better to adjust myself and go with the flow. I used to be very active and always after the arts and crafts things because I love to try new things. Though I had a passion for painting, coloring, and DIY activities since I was a kid.

So ultimately, after having my first child – my daughter, I eventually transferred my interest into her and together we used to do a lot of fun. Often you might have found me and my daughter indulged into some painting time, coloring time, making new things out of most unused stuff at home. I have a long list of those things… will discuss it some other time.

So, this time, after having my second child (baby boy)– I was continuously busy with him day and night. Moreover, this pandemic left no stone unturned to give me a tough time. Since the outings and other activities were on a halt, and work-from-home for husband and online classes of my daughter had driven me crazy!

I have no time for myself- facewash seems to be some luxurious treat to me. Subsequently, one fine night, when I was scrolling through YouTube (with mute) while putting my newborn to sleep. I came across a relaxing painting video- and boom! It triggered me and out of nowhere my hidden wish to paint using some nice paint colors and canvas began to activate.

So, the very next day, I bought a canvas, some acrylic paints, and other stuff to do the needful. (baby boy)


Guess what? My newborn decided to give me a tough time the same night. He stayed awake the whole night and slept in the morning around 11’o clock. By that time, I was extremely exhausted and in a dire need of sleep. So, I took a fine nap for two hours. After waking up, had food, and immediately took out my canvas, paints, and brushes. Since I knew that if my baby got awaken, I won’t be getting time for my dearly painting!

So, I, along with my daughter, made a small setup and started spreading colors on canvas which gave me utterly blissful feeling – Woah! 1.5 hours passed and I ended up with this beautiful piece of art (self-praising, I know).

As soon as I was done with the painting, I had a clear vision, what to do next! Since I was done with some beautiful blending of colors, so playing with shapes and designing was my next target.

day 1 - painting - nature


The amazing part was that my newborn knew my intentions… so he decided to test my patience. He did not sleep that night as well (I can’t blame him completely, he’s colic). Anyways, I decided not to give up.

I checked into the stationery shop downstairs, picked two canvas, and some more acrylic paints. The pattern continued the same way, he slept near around 12’o clock, so did I. I woke up, took colors and brushes, with a mindset to try and experiment something new this time. Quickly drafted everything in mind, and start giving it shape on the canvas. And after an hour, I was ready with the below painting.

While ending this one, I winded up everything with another goal to try something different from the previous two paintings…

painting day 2 - updated


Finally, today is the third day that marks the ending of my painting session. I decided to go with something dark and abstract to complement my room color. Oh, I forgot to mention that my baby did not give me a tough time in the night. Though, the crying sessions started in the morning that lasted for about 2 hours.

Nevertheless, I took my canvas and painting colors and tools, and started quickly. Just when I was about to do the finishing touches, I heard Eeeeeeeeeinn, eeeeeeeeeeeiinnn. Well, that was quite obvious that my baby knew very well that my mother is into something.

I rushed to him, soothed him, put him back into the bouncer, and headed towards the finishing touches which were left. Luckily, I d=was done within ten minutes, and all good to go. A proud mummy cum artist 😀

painting day 3

A Real Challenge

Do you know what was the biggest challenge for me? I was short of acrylic paints. The shops nearby had not enough color supplies due to lockdown. And online buying was not an option because the delivery time was around 3-4 days. And I couldn’t wait so long, since I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. 

Final Words

No matter how tougher it seems, but still there is a chance that you could pursue what you like to do. The things that make you happy. Because honestly speaking, along with newborn your schedule gets tough, no more tv series time, hot shower sessions, and sound sleep. So, ultimately you become crazy and cringy at times. So, doing anything that freshens your mind, makes you feel happy and light; helps you to maintain your energy levels.

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Since motherhood is not just about caring and loving your baby out of your capacities. But also to maintain and taking care of your mental health status as well. Nothing is impossible, it just takes some courage and effort to do so. I just had an amazing time painting these portraits for three consecutive days. And my hard work paid off, it was worth trying it!

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