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Sending Your Kids To Pre-School At Early Age – Is It A Good Idea?

kids in preschool

What's The Fuss All About?

What’s the appropriate age for a kid to go to pre-school or a nursery? Well, this debate has been going on for years. And you’ll find different answers from each parent. Some kids start their pre-school as early as the age of 2.5 years, while others wait till the kid turns 3. But what really matters here, is that the pre-school excitement and willingness primarily depend on the child’s development. Rather than the chronological age. However, some pre-schools have set certain age criteria, mostly 2.5 years of age for admission.

Coming Towards Main Discussion...

Now let’s come to the main point. Since the question of sending kids to pre-school at an early stage remains there. I have seen many mothers debating on this topic. Some suggesting sending them at an early age while others don’t. While giving proper reasoning and justifications. Obviously, everyone has got their own perspectives and views, taking their children into account. Also, the circumstances vary from person to person.

Different Poeple Different Opinions

Some parents are more concerned about their child’s physical activities and social development. So, they might prefer sending kids to pre-school at an early age. So that the child could have some fun time there. Interacting with other kids, getting the concept of having a little break, lunchtime, and playtime. Meanwhile learning there with fun, with the help of pre-school toys and activity gears.

While other people may prefer sending the kids after they turn 3 years of age. So, by that time, the child may start proper speaking, and gets washroom trained as well. He/ she might be able to narrate the whole story and happenings of the day in pre-school.

What I Personally Chosen?

If I talk about my kid, she was a bit shy in nature and preferred to play with me only. But she used to enjoy other kids’ company as well. She spoke a bit late. She used to understand and recognize all the alphabets, colors, numbers, shapes, and nursery rhymes. But she was a bit shy and less expressive when it comes down to tell other people, other than me.

Therefore, as soon as she turned 3 years old, she got toilet-trained and started speaking enough to get understood. I got her admission in the pre-school which was luckily in my territory, which was hardly 2 miles away from my place. Initially, she used to cry a bit that I don’t want you to go, mommy. In fact, she used to enjoy the swing and other activities over there. But she did not want to stay there without me. Well, after a week or two, slowly and gradually she started to learn to adjust there. And then her routine was all set!

What I Personally Chosen?

Sometimes it is not just about a single Yes or No. You might be seeing the things depending on various factors like distance, budget, learning atmosphere, feasibility, timings, etc. So, whatever you might think is right for your kid, you’re probably doing that, right? So, all good to go! It’s completely fine and acceptable if the kid next door the same as your child’s age goes to pre-school. And you’re not sending your kid.

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There is no fixed age limit or criteria on which we can exactly tell you to send your kid to pre-school or not. You are a parent, and in the end, you know the best! Although you may have got acquaintances which might make you think about sending your kid to pre-school. Considering all the pros and corns as well.

Soon we will bring you with some more information regarding pre-schools. The factors, parameters, and criteria to select the best pre-school for your little one.

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