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Surprise DIY Two-Story Doll House for My Little Princess

diy dollhouse

I have always been fond of dollhouse since my childhood. Making a dollhouse has always been my passion. And making it for my daughter is something that would tweak my interest to another level.

Since my daughter is also fond of barbie dolls and Disney princess – a pinky baby! So I decided to make a proper big dollhouse for her same as the one she wants! I had also made a dollhouse for her previously, but it didn’t last long since it wasn’t that much planned and had a very delicate base.

So today I am going to share with you guys the latest DIY dollhouse that has turned out amazing and my daughter is loving it! She did not know that what mommy was going to make but when she saw the final result, she was amused.

Cutting long story short, let’s jump into the tutorial on how to DIY two-story dollhouse.

Things You Need:

Let’s Start

So, we shall start the DIY dollhouse step by step by making different components first. We shall be doing assembly later on.

Make Structure First

  • Take the wrapping sheet and stick on to the thermocol which you want to make the base. You can create as many bases/ floors as you want
  • Place the base and take 3 thermocol sheets to create the walls and the roof. Using a glue gun. Stick them together. Let it dry. Meanwhile, you can insert the nail to make it stronger.
  • Now again take 3 sheets, this time we won’t be making the base, because we already have it (the roof of the first floor)
  • Place two thermocol sheets on the sides and one on the top. Stick them together and insert nails on the sides to make it strong.
diy dollhouse steps

Window and Door

Cut the sides of the walls you like to make a window and a door which opens in the garden area. Use glitter sheets to style them.

For the Roof

So, I had many glitter sheets, so I thought not to go with just one color, so I cut the strips of different colors to give it a bit texture. You can choose color and contrast as you like.

  • The two thermocol sheets of the same size, for the roof.
  • Cut the glitter sheets into around 1.5” or 2” sized strips enough to cover the thermocol sheet for your roof-top.
  • Stick the glitter sheets of different colors alternatively or as per your choice.
  • Rooftop is ready! Now you can stick them together using glue gun and nail.

The two floors are ready. Now moving towards another section of the dollhouse.

  • Start with the covered base, take three uncovered thermocols, and make walls and roofs. Another room is ready, with the top open to make a play area or a garden.

Making A Play Area/ Garden

  • Take a sheet of thermocol, cut the long strips around 0.5” of thickness to make the fences for a garden area
  • Insert the toothpicks inside a strip with equal distance, put another strip on the top to make a fence
  • Stick to the boundaries of the garden using a glue gun

Other Decorations and Accessories

Honestly speaking, it was a bit difficult for me to get the job done with a toddler and my newborn. So I compromised on furniture and other accessories i.e., I made only a few which my toddler would love to have.

The dollhouse has 3 rooms and 1 play area. The breakdown and décor are as follows:


I made two beds using thermocol and glitter sheets. Cut down the sides and sheet for bed using a thermocol and stick glitter sheet on it. The bed is ready, then I placed two pillows. These are also made of thermocol in base and glitter sheet as a pillow cover.

I pasted three frames on the wall, and yeah, my daughter pasted her barbie stickers in every room!


I made a small shower area using thermocol sheets and wrapping paper. I made boundaries first and placed a circle made of glitter sheet with a toothpick to give it the shape of the shower.

Then I took thermocol disposable glass, cut it in half. Half is used to make washbasin and the other half was used to make the toilet seat.


I was so tired till I reach the kitchen area that I asked my daughter to put her kitchen set stuff in that area 😀

Play Area/ Garden

Along with fences, I placed two lamps using skewers and glitter sheets. To give it a bit fancy look. Then I asked my daughter to put her toy slide in that area, which hopefully she will place soon.

bith sides of dollhouse

It’s Time To Join Both The Sides

Using nails and a glue gun, join the two areas of the dollhouse, the play area, and roof-top one.

dollhouse sideview

Congratulations, Your Two-Story Dollhouse Is Ready!

diy dollhouse

Finally, your new dollhouse is ready. And it has a lot of space for customization as well. Since I have also searched over the internet as there are so many tutorials. Also, I had a few ideas in my mind. So, I combined my idea along with the ones that I saw over the internet.  And the final product is here, in front of you guys!

My daughter was super happy seeing this dollhouse and right now she is playing with the dollhouse with her dolls. Hence, you can say that my hard work paid off after seeing a beautiful smile on my daughter’s face, and a big hug! 😀

You should also give it a try, as a DIY two-story dollhouse is not that difficult to make. But yeah, it requires your time and proper dedication to finish it off with as much perfection as you would love to have.

P.S. Special thanks to my husband for getting me all the stuff I needed to make the dollhouse. Since he went shop by shop to get a different variety and colors. So that we can make it as much prettier as our daughter loves! Also, my little one helped me in holding a sheet at times when I needed another hand to help me out in fixing the things for the dollhouse.

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I hope you all enjoyed reading this DIY dollhouse blog. I will be back with more interesting stuff soon!


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