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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education

Early childhood education can play a pivotal role in the success of your children. It refers to the period ranging from child’s birth to kindergarten. The initial developmental stage is the best time to start educating your little ones. As the brain develops most of its neurons between birth and the first three years. Your toddlers may develop interests that can stick with them for the rest of their lives, so it’s critical to provide them the right environment.

Polishing young minds during their formative years also will help them grow emotionally and intellectually. Children who start their educational journey at earlier stages of their lives are better prepared to tackle challenges thrown at them. They also find it easier to transition to school life, a major cause of concern for most parents. Let’s talk about the importance of early childhood education. Along with the potential benefits it can offer to your kids.

Early Childhood Stage

Initial childhood is an important stage for every child. During this period, parents have a golden opportunity to lays the groundwork for kids to develop an interest in education. As your little ones begin to understand the world around them and start the process of learning a language to communicate. Your job as a parent is to help them learn the words and combine them into basic sentences.

If you think about it, the tutoring of your toddler should start from day one. Of course, it will a lengthy process that will require you to exercise a lot of patience. Unlike older chaps, your precious little angels won’t be able to provide you the feedback except for a few baby-babbles. However, it’s essential that you continue with persistence. The result will speak for itself—but only after a few months—when they start forming half sentences in their cute language.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Many children start their formal education during kindergarten. There’s nothing wrong with that. But they are likely to experience more difficulty grasping the knowledge thrown toward them in their standard kindergarten classes. Conversely, kids who are introduced to education in their preschool years will find it more comfortable and easier to consume knowledge. And participate more effectively in the classroom activities.

You, as an adult, might think that how hard kindergarten can be. They only have to learn some letters and numbers, big deal. Well, it’s kind of a big deal. It can be too overwhelming for their young minds to process the “basic stuff” if they haven’t received some lessons during the preschool years. You can’t expect your kids to understand math or reading and writing concepts without knowing the basic counting and ABCs. 

Imagine taking a 5th-grade chemistry class without studying the subject in 2nd grade. Sure, your teacher will cover the basics. But you’ll have a tough time grasping the concepts because of a poor grasp of fundamental knowledge. For children, kindergarten can be much more demanding. Providing basic education to your kids before they start their journey toward formal studies can make all the difference in the world.

Advantages of Early Childhood Education

  • Improved attention span: During the initial years, kids are curious and interested in discovering every new stuff they get their hands on. Focusing on early childhood education allows them to broaden their horizon. A positive learning environment helps nourish their minds and develop new abilities. Like following directions, focusing on tasks, and listening to the instructions.
  • Better social skills: Children exposed to educational material at the inception of their lives are less likely to struggle to make friends and fit into social settings. They can express themselves better and feel more comfortable around other children and adults. Early years of education train their minds to listen to others. And also express themselves to others more clearly, resulting in better social skills.
  • Greater academic performance: Kids who start learning at the early stages of their life tend to perform better in academics. Early childhood education creates a solid foundation for kids, enabling them to capitalize on it and achieve greater results. They are more confident and curious. Which allows them to manage challenges and face difficulties that come along with resilience.

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Don’t Push Them Too Hard

Like most parents, you’d want nothing but best for your child. Instilling educational material in their mind at an early age is a proven technique to pave their way for a bright academic future. But it’s critical that you don’t go too overboard and don’t push them too hard. Putting pressure on them to improve their performance at such an early age can be counter-productive. Remember, they’re still kids and will only give their best in a nurturing environment.

When given a relaxed learning environment, they’ll be able to interact with you and other children more comfortably. While you should introduce education when they are young, it should constitute a small portion of their daily routine. Particularly, when your little one finally starts kindergarten, you need to be extra careful as spending time separately from parents can bring a massive emotional toll on the children.

Is Homeschooling a Good Option?

We have discussed homeschooling in detail in our previous blog. Due to COVID-19, you may be hesitant as a parent to send your children to school. In fact, kindergarten and schools are closed in many places. But it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on kids’ education. You can either enroll your little ones in online kindergarten classes or dedicate a few hours to teach them by yourself at home.

You can find plenty of online resources to help your kids brush up their drawing and writing skills. You can either purchase course material or download free online worksheets from our website to get started. This way, you can provide high-quality education to your kid in the comfort of your home. I hope that this blog will help you realize the importance of early childhood education and make better decisions for your little ones.

At MommyTutors, we’ve got an extensive range of preschool worksheets and kindergarten practice material, including literacy, numeric, shapes, and color worksheets, that can help you start educating your kid at the initial stages of their lives. The kindergarten classes are shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, so take advantage of our free educational material to teach your little ones. If you have any thoughts, we would love to hear from you!

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