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The Kindergarten Interview – And The Most Amusing Answers

Kindergarten interview of a kid

Hello everyone! So let us bring to you the most interesting and entertaining topic which you’ll surely be going to enjoy. The Kindergarten Interview and the kids! Oh my God! It’s so much fun. I am so much excited writing this since I have had gone through this. When I took my toddler for a kindergarten interview.

kindergarten interview

A Little Introduction

Let me give you guys a little background. My daughter is a bit shy and reserve. But once you get into a good friendship with her or wins her trust. She is all set. I had almost home-schooled her in every possible way since at a very young age I introduced letters, numbers, and colors to her.

Cutting the story short, we took her for the Kindergarten-I interview. I was just praying that she answers all the questions well. So, here’s the glimpse of what happened:

Your name?”


Can you identify the animals?

“Lion, Zebra, Elephant.”

What is this called? (pointing towards the trunk of an elephant)

“I don’t know.”

Which fruits is that? (pointing towards strawberry)”

“Strawberry milkshake.” (although she didn’t like strawberry milkshake at all)

“Can you draw a circle?”

She did not pick up the pencil and gave strange look as if she had seen the pencil for the very first time (though she had a nice pencil color collection at home which we used to do by making shapes and drawings)

“Can you show me how to make blocks?”

Built a nice tower with those blocks very quickly.

“Ok, thank you, that’s it, please go and see the KG supervisor!”

My daughter got up and asked me, mama, can we go now?

And Then We Walked Out Of The Room…

So, it went pretty well, as they understood that my child knew everything and able to tell them as well at some extent. However, all my daughter wanted is a bit of appreciation and confidence to speak the things up (since I have mentioned that sh’es bit shy).

Well, now quickly jumping towards the Kindergarten- II interview (Yeah, we changed her school due to some reasons since as a parent we always look for the good -to-better-to best).

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Thus, a little background before going to the interview. We had a flight just a day before the interview. We landed our hometown in the evening. And her interview was scheduled the next day at 9’o clock in the morning. So, the challenge was to wake her up, dress her nicely, and make her comfortable and fresh enough to get ready for the interview.

So, Here’s The KG-II Interview Highlights

“What’s your name?”


“What’s your father’s name?”


“What’s your mother’s name?”


“Can you show me how to fix these numbers?”

Fixed numbers perfectly in their place.

“Are these cupcakes big or small?”

Big (though they were small and she knew it, but still!!)

“Where do you see the airplane?”

“In the sky”.

“Where you came on the airplane yesterday? (since we had already told the interviewer that we came yesterday)”

“At the airport.” 😀

“Which animal is that?”


“What’s that? (pointing towards trunk)”

“Big Nose!”

“Big Nose?”

“Yes, big nose of an elephant.”

“Tell me the phonic sounds of these letters”

/aaa/ /bbb/ /ccccc/.

“Write the alphabets”.

Written perfectly.

“Ok thank you!”

“Mama, please ask a teacher to give me more toys, I want to play here.”

“Thank you, parents, you may collect your admission form from the reception “

And Here The Final Round Ends...

So, here’s when the entire session ends. It was such fun and delight to see your kid’s most innocent answers that you can ever imagine. Well, I guess you people must be having some sort of similar or even more interesting stories. We would love to hear from you! Write to us at

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