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Summer Camp 2021 – An Ultimate Fun For Kids


Most of us get excited about the summer vacations of the kids — no early morning preparations for the school, no hassle of pick and drop for kids, no homework to submit every day, and a break from school projects, it’s a perfect opportunity for parents

Kids get excited for the same reasons, the most prominent one being long holidays with no studies at all. This means it’s time to play! They can do whatever they want. It’s like, eat, sleep, play, and repeat!

The Idea of Summer Camp

With the commencement of summer vacations this year, I started to think the same that I might get time to relax. But no! it wasn’t that simple.

The first week of summer vacations passed by, and meanwhile, my 5-year-old came to me and said, “mommy I am getting bored”.

I started thinking about what to tell her to do, so I asked her to go and play with dolls or Legos, or perhaps do some painting or do other activities. But all she wanted is my time. Which was being very difficult as I also must take care of my 1.5 year old baby.  

Nonetheless, we took our daughter out on weekends, but the whole week she used to come to me complaining that she’s getting bored. Due to the pandemic, social activities were reduced to quite an extent. So basically, she’s at home all the time. Either watching cartoons on television, playing games on her tablet, or just passing the time.

My daughter has a great passion for art and crafts, that’s the reason she often gets engaged with me in some DIY activities at home.

The Summer Camp Hunting 2021

So considering the above activities in mind, I started looking for a summer camp nearby where I can send my daughter so that she can have some fun time.

I started looking for places all over the internet, contacted different places but most of them were offering swimming, gym, sports, and aerobics. Which were not the specific interest area for kids.

Then suddenly I thought to give a quick check to Kids Joy Learning & Development Centre, where my daughter had completed her pre-school (oh! she loved that place). It’s been two years now as she has just completed Kindergarten.

Why I Inclined Towards Kids Joy Learning & Development Centre

I remember when I went there for pre-schooling of my daughter when I met the staff and the admin, they were so kind and gentle, the place was beautifully designed for the children having all the attractions and colorful graphics all around that it was an instant yes from my side, that yes, I want to enroll my kid over here. Moreover, they had CCTV cameras installed everywhere as well.

So, coming back to the point, I called there and ask if they’re offering summer camp. They replied to me back with the summer camp information which I was exactly looking for. They’re offering:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Public Speaking Session (to build up kid’s confidence)
  • Story Telling Session
  • Creative Writing
  • Science Experiments & Mental Math
  • Games, Puzzles & Zumba

Now that was so cool, I enrolled my daughter over there the very next day, and here we go!

On her first day, when she came back, she was very happy. She told me that they had a very nice time over there. Her teacher was very nice. She played there, had rides, fun time, and also, she did some DIY activity.

Kids Joy Fun Club keeps us updated about the daily activities of kids by sharing pictures and videos.

I had opted for the summer camp for one month only since I had got some engagements so couldn’t continue it till the last summer break.

Let me share the summer camp activities that she enjoyed during this tenure.

Arts and Crafts

As much as my daughter loves arts and crafts, she thoroughly enjoyed these activities over there. She never came home messy at all, it was all neat, clean, ad tidy under the supervision of her teacher.

Science Experiment

My daughter told me that she has become a ‘Scientist’. Ha-ha, that was so cute, upon asking her, she told me that she did some experiments over there. Let me share some of the pictures over here that she enjoyed.

Games and Puzzle Solving

My daughter enjoyed puzzle solving and playing games over there. Each day there were some new and exciting activities planned for kids which they can enjoy.

Other Activities

Other than the above-mentioned activities my daughter enjoyed talking sessions, freestyle storytelling sessions, watching favorite cartoon movies, lessons on moral and ethical values, and much more.

Today was her last day of summer camp, therefore, she was a bit sad. But I cherished her by reminding me how much fun she had during this course of time She made many friends over there too.

At last, she’ll be having some good memories of summer camp and I am glad too that her vacations were well-spent!

Witnessing the Perks of Enrolling In Summer Camp

I shall tell you clearly that I have seen a lot of improvement in my child.

Let me tell you how!

During the last 1.5 years with the global pandemic, we were taking distance learning classes from the school. My daughter’s social interaction with friends and in class was reduced at a noticeable level.

One main aspect I forgot to mention is the physical activities.

Physical activities are very important for kids especially when they are not attending the on-site schooling and are completely at home. They need to exercise a bit, and play different games which can enhance their physical strength.

What did my Kid learn over there?

In summer camp she got a chance to speak up in front of many people over there, express her thoughts, deliver speech, showcase her skills, and work in her own capacity.

She used to come happy from the summer camp each day and used to tell me all the stories what she learnt over there, how many games they played, how she expressed her thoughts and ideas in front of her friends. Moreover, how nice her teacher was!

Final Words

On a concluding note, I would like to mention why I wrote this blog. The thing is, I am immensely happy and would like to share my experience over here on my very own website so that the parents can know how much fun and activities the kids can do during the summer holidays.

The summer camp enables a child to learn new things, become independent, and unleash their potential by remaining distant from home, without parental support. This plays a vital role when the child goes out and socialize, and that was the reason I enrolled my daughter.

If you have time, you can take a look for DIY activities which you can do at home with kids, I used to do them quite often.

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