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Top Activities To Keep Kids Busy At Home

Kids Activities

Things have changed drastically in COVID-19, and we aren’t able to take the kids out on excursions and trips like before. It’s natural for them to feel bored and annoyed.

But we’re here to share some of the best activities for kids to try at home. These exciting activities are a surefire way to keep them busy and give them a chance to learn something new.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Let’s Find the Number

“Find the number” is one of the most outdoor activities for kids that also serves as an entertaining and fun way to introduce your kids to numbers.

It might also take you on a nostalgic trip to your childhood. All you need is chalk or a marker to draw numbered circles on the floor outside your home, preferably around the driveway.

The rules are simple: set a timer and ask your kid to step on the called out number as quickly as possible.

Watch as your kid rushes toward the number to beat their previous best score.

If your kid gets bored with numbers, you can try the same activity with colors to mix things up and pique their interest.

Look for the Right Shape

“Look for the Right Shape” is also a brilliant indoor activity. Though it requires a little preparation and some creative work, it’s totally worth the hassle.

Take cardboard, cut out different shapes, wrap them in crepe paper, or perhaps colorful sheets to give it an exciting and pulsating appearance.

Use the masking tape (or any other tape) to draw different shapes.

Now the fun part begins. Ask your child to pick a shape from the basket and match it with the correct shape that you’ve so artistically laid out for them.

It’ll not only keep them busy for hours but also improve their numerical skills. You can also invite some of their friends to make it more competitive and fun.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be an excellent activity for kids that don’t require much effort from your side. They’re super easy and can be played using things you have available at home.

You can try different ideas to create an exciting list for a scavenger hunt and hide the items in different places around your home.

Make sure the location you pick is safe and away from the road. Also, establish boundaries for the game, so your kids don’t go outside for exploration.

This word scavenger hunt, in particular, is an excellent way for your little one to polish their word recognition skills while enjoying the game and bonding with you and family.

Figure Out Different Objects and Toys

For this activity, take a big Tupperware box (any cardboard box would do just fine), Fill it with scraps of crepe paper (ask your kid to help you cut the crepe paper into tiny pieces)

Now hide small items inside the box like a ball, a toy car, toy animals, and more.

Ask your kid to find you something you’ve hidden. This activity is a ton of fun for the little one!

Time For Some Physics

Who said home equipment and tools are just for grown-ups? They can be exciting and fun for the little ones, providing them good learning opportunities.

Equipment like flashlights, a pair of binoculars, magnets, stencils, and compasses are excellent tools for kids. You can introduce your kid to magnetism by using a small magnet to see what it attracts.

Similarly, let your child’s curiosity roam by handing them a magnifying glass under your supervision, of course!

What Floats And What Drowns?

Kids are inquisitive by nature, and you can make the most of it by giving them a chance to explore their creative minds further.

Fill up a big bowl with water and get different objects such as paper, plastic toys, rubber ducks, and other items without sharp edges.

Please put them in the tub or a bowl and see what object floats and what sinks.

Make a list of both and introduce the kiddo to the amazing world of Physics by this small starter course in Archimedes Principle.

Even in kindergarten, the concept of heavy and light things get starts while teaching different concepts in numeracy.

Indoor Camping

One of the most popular activities for kids is indoor camping. You don’t have to go out in the woods when you can enjoy a similar experience in the comfort of your home.

Bring those extra pillows, bed sheets, chairs, and small tables and “create” your own indoor camp.

It will be an excellent place to read them a book and introduce them to new words in a fun and interactive manner.

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Inviting your kid to the kitchen can be an excellent idea. They always see you working briskly in there and intrigued by how the delicious meals you cook come together.

Start with something very simple, like how to bake a cake. Teach how to break an egg, mix it with other ingredients, and pour the mixture into the baking tray.

You’d end up with a delicious cake with your little one filled with a blissful smile on their face because of a) cake, of course, b) the kid MasterChef moments they enjoy with you in the kitchen.

It brings us to the end of our blog. What are your favorite activities for kids to keep them busy? Let us know in the comments!

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