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What does it take to Become a Good Mother?

What does it take to Become a Good Mother

A mother is someone who brings a new life into this world. A child to a mother is like a plant whom she nourishes, gives all the attention and care, and grows into a beautiful flower.

There are several parameters that you may consider while we talk about being a ‘good mother’.

Honestly, I believe, that every mother is a good mother. But at times one may feel down, disappointed, lost, and feels like a failed mother.  There are many instances when one can feel like that.

So, to gear up and stand against all the odds, here are a few things that you might need to read today to make you feel better.

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Stepping Into Motherhood Is Beautiful

The moment you got to know that you’re going to become a mom, is the moment when you started the journey towards a beautiful world.

It’s not easy to carry the little one in your womb for nine months, but it’s mother’s love that gives us the courage to keep going and going through all thick and thins to bring a beautiful life into this world.

I must say, that the term being a ‘good mother’ has already begun to start for you!

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You Are Being Loved by Your Children

It happens that you might have done enough handling all the chores, stress, and hectic routine.

Moreover, you’re not getting a response or positive feedback from your child. Your child might be young enough, or unable to grasp what you’re exactly thinking or what you want to hear out.

But there’s one thing for sure your child loves you a lot. You’re a world for them. Their love is unconditional. They will love you no matter what.

But, since some children do not find the right way to express their feelings, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you back.

You must feel happy and grateful to be loved by these innocent souls. In case, there’s no none to tell you, here we are to tell you that Your Child Loves You a Lot. Feel good about it.

You Are Providing Comfort to Your Child

A good mother loves and takes care of her child with all her heart. Provides him/ her comfort and soothes them.

Seeing my kids growing up, I must say that you must be the go-to person for your child. A mother is someone whom a child relies, upon whom he/ she can look at any time to find comfort.

A mother’s lap is the best place in the world where you can experience carefree thoughts and feels yourself the safest.

You’re Losing Nothing

Are you thinking that you’re not a good mother by just a mere thought that you have sacrificed your career or professional life for your kids?

No!! This shouldn’t happen.

There’s a long debate about working moms and stay-at-home moms. Every mother is doing her best in her capacity.

If you’ve decided to spend all the time with your child at home; you’re losing nothing. But, in real, collecting so many good memories of your child. You’re giving your best by providing them with all your love and care without any distractions.

Also, if you’re a working mom, don’t feel bad about not being there for your child all the time. You might be doing this to provide a good and better lifestyle for your kid. Or you have planned or managed everything enough for your child’s upbringing.

Either way, you’re losing nothing. These all are the phases of life that shall come and go. And you’ll be left with what you could have done to make the present better, happy, and cheerful for your kids.

If you’re thinking about all this, then you’re surely a good mother, and we’re proud of you!

What Makes You Think That You’re Not a Good Mother?

Now here comes the most crucial part, what even makes you think that you’re not a good mother?

That should be the first point to ask honestly, what makes you think that you’re not doing enough for your child?

Or you’re not proving to be good enough for them?

If it is from your inner self, then you must sit down, relax and think that what’s bothering you. Try to identify the elements or figure out the things that are disturbing you.

Because whenever this thought strikes in your mind that you’re not a good mother, there must be some backstory to it with which you would relate all the past happenings and small nuances.

You need to just flush it out, and head-start to a new and happy beginning.

Don’t Let Your Frustration Take Over You

Being a mom, at times we become frustrated, and unfortunately, we spill the beans on our kids.

This is indeed a very bad practice! This is not encouraged at all.

We do understand that you might be having a bad day or you might be carrying baggage on your shoulders. But don’t take it out on your kids. In this way, the children will suffer, and you, already being disturbed, will add on one more baggage of being unreasonably mad at your kids.

Mingle with Child and Become Flexible

It is of utmost importance for parents to be friends with their kids. It is the need of time.

Yes, you should set boundaries, make rules and regulations, and discipline them. But you shouldn’t be rude to them. Do not try to impose unnecessary restrictions to discipline your child. In this way, you will only distance your child from yourself and create a void space.

You need to be friends with your kids, you need to win their trust so that they can speak their
hearts to you. Spend time with them, talk with them; do not expect to have high intellectual conversations with them. But yes, mingle with them, you might learn so many new things and good deeds from them.

It’s not to be ashamed of, you can also learn from the children, and also you should be flexible enough to rectify the mistakes you have done. Apologizing to your kids over something that you have done wrong doesn’t make you small. But, indeed, it imposes on the child that saying sorry for the mistakes is not a bad thing. And it will help them in a long run.

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You Are Doing the Best in Your Capacity

Dear mom, remember that you’re doing your best! You’re a wonderful mother who is taking the best care of your child.

What a mother can do for a child, no one else can do.  Because a mother does it all with her pure heart, love, care, and ultimate devotion. She always puts her children first place before anyone else.

So, what else do you expect from her? For sure she’s a good mother 😊

Final Words

Concluding, I will repeat, that, every mother is a good mother in her capacity.

It’s the qualitative virtue that can’t be measured. The sole purpose of writing this blog is that at times I, being a mother of two, also feel dull and lost. But I always look for ways to gear me up since I know I’m the driving force for my kids.

Kids need a happy mother! Seeing you happy brings a sort of happiness and joy in their life and they will feel contended.

Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sending love to the entire mommy community! <3

Keep Happy and Smiling Dear Mom! 😊

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