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Why Kindergarten Parents Are Inclined Towards Homeschooling?

homeschooling the kid

With the commencement of the new academic session for 2020-2021, several surveys have been taken by the schooling authorities. To analyze the potential number of parents who want to send their wards to school. Most of the parents, like me, whose children are in kindergarten, or about to start their schooling, are opting for distance learning.

I had a clear idea in my mind that I will not be sending my daughter to school if the session resumes as in-campus learning, and not offering distance learning. Since I was not satisfied with the blended learning module as well. My definite reasons are:

  • Sending my kid to school either 2 days or 5 days a week doesn’t make a difference. She will be exposed to the outer environment and school premises. She will be facing many people; she might touch different surfaces. Since she’s too young to take proper care of herself.
  • I might have opted homeschooling too. As kg2 will not be that much tough. Since my daughter knows most of the things already and I would have taught her with a proper syllabus. But I have a newborn, so I won’t be able to manage both the things. That’s why I have chosen distance learning.

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Why Parents Are Choosing To Homeschool Their Kids

The parents who were about to enroll their kids in the first stage of kindergarten are preferring homeschooling their kids. And they are very determined as well in this regard. As they are looking for proper syllabus and course taught in kindergarten-1. But what’s the reason that the majority of the kindergarten parents are talking about homeschooling these days?

The most common reasons are:


Parents these days already teach their kids the basics at home at early age, so without taking a risk to expose them to the COVID-19 environment. It is better to get the syllabus and continue teaching them at home. In this way parents do not have to compromise on their children’s health and can ensure their safety as well.


COVID-19 has affected the people financially almost all over the world. People are losing their jobs and are tight on their budget. And it is become really difficult to pay the school fees especially when the school is either offering blended learning or distance learning.

Also, if there is more than one child, so coping up with financials is a real challenge for parents. That’s why they are planning to homeschool their kid especially if they are about to join kindergarten.

The purpose is not being served

The main purpose of sending kids to school is to develop social, communication, inter, and intra-personal skills along with getting an education. We want our kids to learn in a fun and collaborative environment. And if schools are offering 100% distance learning due to COVID-19 situation. So ultimately the whole burden is on parents, i.e., classwork and homework. Parents have to work on both sides. As efforts and full-time attention is required for distance learning, so better to go for homeschooling.

Teach As Per Your Feasibility

Unlike the two modules i.e., distance learning and blended learning. In any of them, you have to give dedicated time to your children. As per the allotted time slot provided by the school. On the other hand, if you are homeschooling your kid, then you can set the timings as per your feasibility. You can choose the time slot for learning purposes that works best for you.

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Bottom Line

These days the trend of homeschooling is going to another level, and especially the COVID-19 situation is making it one of the trending norms these days. So that the parents can take care of their children and keep them stay at home safely without exposing them to the outer environment. Since kids are so delicate and prone to catch chronic diseases as well.

We recommend that if you can go for homeschooling, wish you the best of luck! And to help you, we are continuously adding kindergarten worksheets to our websites which are free to download. Download them and go ahead with homeschooling your kid until and unless the pandemic situation settles down a bit. Other than the COVID-19 issues, you can still go for homeschooling your kid if you feel like so that you can make sure that your child is getting 100% quality education under your supervision.

Happy Learning! 😊

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