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Why ME TIME is important for a mom?


Why ‘ME TIME’ is Important for Mommies?

This has been the most promising question for over past few years. Over which many answers have been given, justifications have been made. And believe me, it is worth it!

After becoming a mom, I have realized a dire need of having some ‘me time. Maybe I did not realize its importance or I used to almost ignore it.

But now, after having two kids, I have finally realized its importance and I want to pen it down.

What is Me Time?

Me time is the time for yourself. The time in which you can take care of yourself. You are free to do the things you like, things that make you relax, and feel refreshed.

You are sort of ‘carefree’ where you can enjoy and live up to the fullest the way you want to!

Why do mommies need Me Time?

When you are a mom, you hardly get time for yourself (in most of the scenarios that I have observed over these 5 years).

The day and night cycle of 24/7 revolves around taking care of your home and kids.

You need to clean up the house, cook the food, take care of the kids (and other family members also at times), and fulfill all the associated responsibilities.

During this whole phase, do you realize that are you taking out enough time for yourself?

You are pampering your kids, getting them dressed, feeding them, playing with them, and all the other stuff. You are not getting time to do the things that you like to do other than loving and taking care of your kids.

Any person, if deprived of having some personal space, some time for self-relaxation, ultimately gets tired or exhausted by repeating daily routine chores without any break.

Mommy duties are 24/7 and a job where you don’t get a day off!

Therefore, mommies need to stay fresh and healthy to take care of the kids with a peaceful and fresh mind. Along with the energy it takes to stay super-duper active with kids. 

How to make most of the Me Time?

It varies from person to person. Some people prefer to stay indoors and relax by sitting on a couch reading their favorite book, alongside a cup of hot chocolate or cappuccino.

While others enjoy stepping outdoors, doing shopping, visit a friend’s place, or a visit to a spa to revive their energy.

How to get Me Time?

You can have me-time:

  • By handing over kids to your partner so that you can have some time for yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can ask someone to take care of your kid for some time like your mother-in-law, or other family members if you are living together
  • When your child gets asleep
  • When your child is keenly busy with some stuff/ activity
  • The last option is that, involve your child along with you! (In your me-time, yes…!)

Activities you can do in ‘Me Time’

Here I am sharing some of the tips that you can do in your me-time. I’m sure most of you have already done or been doing these activities.

Nonetheless, let’s have a look!

  • Plugin your earphones, or sit on a couch in front of a tv, and tune in to your favorite series. Don’t forget to grab your favorite snacks too!
  • Give yourself a treat of skincare. Cleanse, Scrub, tone, and moisturize your skin. This will give you an immense soothing feeling.
  • Slip into your PJs and lay on a couch, or sit outdoors if you have an outdoor area, along with your favorite book. A cup of hot chocolate or a chilled glass of mojito will light it up!
  • Pursue your hobby or a passion you were longing for. It could be some freelance work, writing a blog, some art, and craftwork, or anything! Whatever you like.
  • If you are an artistic type of person, grab a canvas, pick some of your favorite colors, a palette, a set of brushes, and here you go! Let your ideas float free on the canvas, let the colors speak your voice.
  • Give yourself a treat! A real treat. You can sneak into the fridge, grab your favorite sandwich ingredients and make a yummilicious sandwich with lots of cheese and sauces which you can enjoy heavenly.
    You can have your favorite dessert also! Or a pre-baked or frozen item that can be served quickly! (If you are lucky enough to have plenty of time, cook for yourself your favorite meal and enjoy!)
  • Alternatively, you can order the food from your preferred eatery as well.
  • If you want to get pampered, book an appointment at a spa and get relaxed. Otherwise, you can call them over to your place to give yourself the relaxing indulgence you want.
  • Make a trip to a nearby park, or a drive!

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Managing the Me Time!

Question of hundred dollars! Yes, it is. Now the thing here is, that many of you say that one should know how to manage me-time.

And indeed, that is the key. But most of us either don’t know how to manage me-time or don’t get enough me-time to plan things accordingly.

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed that by the time we realize that it is our me time, it gets over! Haha.

Remember, it’s not always necessary that you end up enjoying your me-time.

The most common reason for me is, my baby gets awake in between! Like now, when I’m writing this blog, my baby woke up.

Now he has again fallen asleep in my lap, and I am using my laptop! Writing a blog that I can relate to!

What do I like to do in my ‘Me Time’?

I have always been the kind of person who never sits quietly. I like to be engaged!

So, apart from playing with my kids, and watching my favorite series.

I enjoy building up my website, creating educational stuff for kids, writing blogs, and exploring the respective domain.

I like painting, doing art and craft, décor my home, sitting, and doing absolutely nothing at times.

Except scrolling my news feed!

A Quick Glimpse of what makes me happy!

  • Online shopping! Yes, I am a shopaholic person and the recent pandemic made me stick to online shopping like…. 99% I shop online now!
  • Pizza and juicy meaty burger
  • Getting my hands-on on any new art and craft material.
  • Blogging and writing
  • Watching old animated movies of Disney (don’t judge me)
  • An Oreo-Vanilla milkshake with any of my favorite reads

Wrapping it up!

It’s very important to indulge yourself in some activities. This way your mind opens up and you get some positive energy which is essential for you to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Me time- It’s Important for your mental health. There should be no guilt factor. Let the babies be themselves. By the time they grow up, they should have an idea that yes, my mama needs little time for herself too, which is perfectly fine.


Remember, you are a super mom, you’re doing great for your kids. It’s just you also need to take care of yourself too. There’s no harm in this.

It’s not just for New Mommies

Me-time should not be limited to be considered for new mommies only!

Mothers of grown-up children also have the same right to have some personal space and their own free time in which they can be themselves, and enjoy the activities and things they like.

Since with the growing kids, mommies tend to get engaged in a way or another. Every phase of life offers different challenges for a mom associated with their kids.

Final Words

A mom is a mom; at every step of life, she needs to be appreciated, cherished, and acknowledged for the hard work which she does with selfless devotion.

Cherish all the mommies around you. Make them realize they are doing it great! If you can help them feel better by any of your actions, then please go ahead and do so!

Disclaimer: In recent light of actions, (in my me time) I preferred to write a blog as many ideas were floating and just popping up in my mind.

I had to pen them down before I lost my way. I decided to do my manicure some other time, this me-time was meant for me and my blog to all the mommies out there.

Stay happy! Cheers! More Power to you! 

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