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Why Should You Homeschool Your Kid?


Homeschooling is a new trend in education that has become popular in recent years. It’s a less formal type of home-based learning conducted by parent or tutor using regular study material and online resources. Let’s find out more!

Why should you homeschool your child?

The changing dynamics

The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Advents in technology are transforming the way we live. The conventional education system is trying hard to catch up, but it still lags behind.

While modern educators have incorporated technology and using digital platforms to facilitate better knowledge transfer to students, it might not be enough. Homeschooling provides you with an opportunity to prepare your kid for the future.

You can control the quality and type of education that your child gets. The availability of online study material has made it incredibly more accessible for parents to provide good quality education to their children.

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Identify their strengths

Not all the children excel in the same areas, and homeschooling can help with that. Homeschooling allows you to monitor their performance closely and identify their strengths, enabling you to choose a better career path for your kid.

Say, your child is useful in solving math problems, you can introduce fun activities that promote logical thinking. Young minds adapt faster and consume knowledge more effectively. It will help sharpen their mind and acquire learning-related skills

It’s not possible in a school as a teacher has to devote their attention to a group of students. Homeschooling gives your kid the flexibility to learn what matters the most and focus more time on areas that help develop a better skill set that they can build upon.

More time for family

Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” It’s very accurate. Your kids time is precious, and allocating their twenty-four hours in the right way can help them achieve the best results.

Homeschooling can save a tremendous amount of time of your kid. The time saved on school preparation, commute, and unwinding can be utilized more effectively at home to horn their creative, communication and literacy skills.

Kids also get to spend more time with family. It allows them to develop a better relationship with parents and siblings. Families that spend more time together thrive and are closer to each other. More importantly, the bond developed during infancy is the strongest and last forever.

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Homeschooling can be particularly helpful if…

Your kid is differently able

Differently-abled children may find regular schools can be challenging for them. The limited range of motion can cause them inconvenience in navigating their way to school and take regular classes.

Therefore, homeschooling a differently able kid until they are matured enough to take care of themselves will allow them to develop a strong personality and adapt to the natural environment more effectively.

Your kid has special needs

Kids with special needs may experience learning delays and face behavior challenges, which can hinder their ability to learn in conventional settings. Homeschool allows you as a parent to work at your child’s pace to ease the learning process for them.

Moreover, they may be able to learn more effectively with one-to-one Individualized Instruction rather than group settings. Fewer distractions, option to take extra breaks and additional time to take tests will help instill confidence and help them focus better.

Your kid has health needs

Leaving young kids with health condition unattended may not be an option. Homeschooling allows parents to monitor their medical needs without compromising on their educational needs.

But… but… doesn’t homeschooled children have problems with social skills?

No. Actually, homeschooling can improve the way your children interact with others. You can impart excellent communication and social skills in a home setting unless you keep them in a cushioned environment

Homeschooling allows you to put your child in an environment that you feel is best for them. It can prove to be healthier to a child’s psyche.  You can use outside resources such as museums, libraries, parks, and many other places to develop their social skills.

While it’s true that school setting allows children to develop friendships and negotiate their way with kids with their own age, but convention school environment is not necessarily worth striving for.

You can enroll your little one in different activities groups—like cooking classes, karate lessons, and more—where they can enjoy the same exposure while you can keep a close eye on them to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Final words

Homeschooling provides greater educational freedom and flexibility to children as well as the parents. But remember, it’s a significant lifestyle change. As a parent, you have to take care of their education time and activities. You also need to pay more attention to your children.

If you’re ready to commit more time and take additional responsibilities that come with homeschooling your kid, then it’s a great way to ensure that your children learn skills and mature in a way that aligns to your values.

However, if you live a busy lifestyle and aren’t able to devote enough time regularly to make sure your children’s getting a quality education and developing skills, then it’s better to enroll them in a school.

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